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Meaning Of Wave Soldering Machine

Two soldering processes are often used in PCBA processing: wave soldering and reflow soldering.

The reflow soldering process is suitable for soldering SMT patches, while the wave soldering process is suitable for DIP plug-in processes. If the board size is too large, using the wave soldering process for soldering is necessary. Let us learn more about what is wave soldering.

Meaning Of Wave Soldering Machine: Wave soldering is a kind of PCBA soldering process.

When performing the wave soldering process, wave soldering machine equipment is needed. It is different from the principle of the reflow soldering process. The principle of wave soldering is to put the solder into the tin tank of the machine, and the machine heats the solder to melt. The soldering surface of the PCB board that has been inserted with the components is contacted with the liquid solder under the conveyor device and is cooled to form a weld. Waves of a specific shape are similar to waves, so they are called wave soldering;

Wave soldering can be divided into four parts: flux spraying, PCB preheating, soldering, and final cooling.

Among them, flux spraying is spraying flux evenly on the PCB board, and the preheating zone is a process from normal temperature to high temperature of the PCB board. , to prepare for the high temperature of the tin furnace, and the soldering area is to melt and immerse the solder into the PCB board, and form the soldering after passing through the final cooling area, which is the process flow of wave soldering;

As a kind of PCBA soldering process, wave soldering used to be a lead-based process, and the solder is made of tin-lead alloy. With people’s awareness of the hazards of lead and awareness of environmental protection, it is now mostly used in PCBA processing. In the new lead-free soldering process, the solder uses tin-silver-copper alloy or other tin metal alloys, the above is all about wave soldering!

About is the Meaning Of Wave Soldering Machine

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