How does PCBA panel design improve SMT patch efficiency?

PCBA penalization is to combine several small PCBA units together in various connection methods. PCBA design engineers usually consider the product’s structural dimensions, electrical performance, component layout, and other functional aspects when designing panels. How to improve SMT patch efficiency in panel design and minimize the risk of affecting product quality.

Purpose of PCBA penalization:

1. The small and irregular PCBA dimensions seriously affect the production efficiency of SMT patches

2. Maximize the utilization of boards and reduce costs.

3. Reduce production difficulty and improve product yield.

Rules for penalization design:

There are many ways to design panels. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which panelization method and number of panels are optimal during the trial production of new products. PCBA design engineers give priority to meeting the structural requirements of the product when designing based on product characteristics (such as product structure limitations, peripheral interface height limits, position limits, etc.), and secondly, feedback on board utilization and production efficiency during PCBA board making and SMT processing. After the PCBA board is selected during the production process, the thermal expansion after the different geometric dimensions and PCBA penalization methods directly affects the product reliability and performance and increases the processing difficulty and manufacturing cost of SMT production. Combined with the years of experience of SMT process engineers, the panelization method is used to improve the efficiency of SMT patches.

In short, the panelization design should not only meet the board utilization and production and processing efficiency issues but also consider the thermal deformation and panel separation efficiency of PCBA after the production furnace.

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