How to improve SMT chip processing efficiency?

The SMT process is a multi-equipment and multi-process process. If the connectivity of each process is not strong, even a small mistake may lead to a line shutdown. Not only does it affect SMT patch processing efficiency, but it is also likely to affect product quality. SMT production capacity is also the most important part of driving the operation of the entire factory.   On the premise of ensuring the quality of PCBA welding, if an SMT chip processing factory is extremely efficient, it can also prove the overall strength of the factory. So in such an important process, how do we improve the production efficiency of SMT chip processing?

1. Preparation for work in advance

Due to the particularity of the PCBA processing process, SMT must be the first processing step. At the same time as the first processing step, the cooperation of various departments is also one of the keys to ensuring the efficiency of SMT chip processing. Including the accurate output of the entire processing process file, the accuracy of component procurement, the accuracy of component inspection, material preparation, program editing, solder paste thawing, component baking, etc.; these are preparations for work in advance, not before It is only done or confirmed during the actual production process. It can avoid as many problem points as possible outside the actual production and processing, which also solves the time of online processing exceptions, and indirectly improves the efficiency of SMT chip processing. Advance preparation work has a lot to do with the management process of the SMT patch processing factory.

2. Ensure the running time balance of the SMT placement machine

Earlier we talked about the preparation of program editing, which is also directly related to the efficiency of SMT patch processing. If we understand the SMT industry, if we observe carefully, we will find that the running time of multiple placement machines in a production line is very different. Even if it takes a few seconds to mount a PCBA, the production of the entire order may take several hours or more. Much time. In order to improve production efficiency, when editing the program, engineers must ensure that multiple placement machines in a production line have the same running time. Reducing downtime and waiting time is the most effective way to improve production efficiency.

3. Equipment operating parameters

When optimizing the placement program, optimize the synchronization rate of multiple placement heads of the placement machine to pick up components to the highest possible level, so as to reduce the number of nozzle changes when the placement heads pick up components and save placement time. Feeders that are picked up frequently should be placed on the material station close to the printed board. During a pick-and-place cycle, try to

pick up materials from the front or rear material station to reduce the movement distance of the placement head. Keep the placement head fully loaded during each pick and place cycle.

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