Packaging way of electronic components

Packaging way of electronic components

Abstract: The packaging method of SMT components is a very important link in the entire SMT processing, which directly affects the production efficiency of the entire SMT processing line. There are four main packaging forms of components, tape and reel, tube packaging, tray packaging, and bulk packaging.

Taping and Packaging way of electronic components

Tape and Reel packaging is the most widely used, longest-used, adaptable, and highly efficient packaging form, and has been standardized. Except for large devices such as QFP, PLCC, and BGA, other SMT components can be packaged in this form. The braids used mainly include paper braids, plastic braids, and adhesive braids.

(1) Paper tape

Paper braid is composed of base tape, carrier tape, cover tape, and paper reel. The circular small hole on the carrier tape is a positioning hole for the gear drive on the feeder; the rectangular hole is a material receiving chamber, and the component is wound on the material tray after being placed. The width of the paper tape is generally 8mm, the pitch of the positioning holes is generally 4mm, and the pitch of the positioning holes smaller than the 0402 series is 2mm. The positioning hole spacing and component spacing are determined according to the specific conditions of the components, generally in multiples of 4. When using paper braid for component packaging, the thickness of the component is required to be similar to the thickness of the paper tape. The paper braid should not be too thick, otherwise, the feeder cannot be driven. Therefore, the paper braid is mainly used for packaging smaller rectangular pieces. Components, such as chip resistors, chip capacitors, cylindrical diodes, etc.

(2) Plastic braid

The structural size of the plastic braid and the paper braid is roughly the same, the difference is that the material box is convex. Plastic tape can package some components slightly larger than paper tape packaging, including rectangular, cylindrical, special-shaped SMC, and small SOP. When patching, the upper stripping device on the feeder removes the film cover tape and then takes out the material.

(3) Adhesive taping

The bottom surface of the adhesive tape is a tape, the IC is attached to the tape, and it is driven by a double row of holes. During SMT chip processing, there is a bottom stripping device on the feeder. Adhesive tape is mainly used to pack larger chip components, such as SOP, chip resistor network, etc. Taping packaging is the most common form of component packaging. During SMT processing, the tape is installed on the feeder to feed the material. The bandwidth of the two matches, that is, the specification of the feeder is selected according to the bandwidth of the tape. Common The tape widths are 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 72mm, etc.

2. Tube packaging

Tube packaging is mainly used for packaging rectangular, chip components, small SMDs, and some special-shaped components, such as SOP, SOJ, PLCC, and other integrated circuits, suitable for products with many varieties and small batches. The shape of the rod package is a long tube with a rectangular inner cavity for rectangular packaging components; the inner cavity is shaped for special-shaped components.

3. Pallet packaging

Tray (Tray), also known as Waffle, has a single layer, up to 100 layers. Tray packaging is mainly used for the packaging of components with large bodies or easily damaged pins, such as QFP, narrow-pitch SOP, PLCC, BGA, and other integrated circuits.

4. Bulk

Leadless, non-polar surface mount components can be bulk (Bulk), such as generally rectangular, cylindrical capacitors and resistors. The cost of bulk components is low, but it is not conducive to the pick-up and placement of SMT processing equipment.

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