What skill is needed for a PCBA engineer in SMT

PCBA engineer – What skill is needed for a PCBA engineer in SMT?

Abstract: In the SMT industry, pcba electronic test engineers must have a basic bachelor’s degree and rich work experience. Electronic engineers are an integral part of the manufacturing and high-end electronic product and project development teams in the SMT processing industry. However, as an excellent pcba electronic test engineer, you must have six skills:

circuit design PCBA engineer

(1) Ability to identify commonly used components, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, power supplies, diodes, transistors, field effect transistors, potentiometers, sensors, transformers, rectifier bridges, switches, oscillators, LEDs, etc., including their respective Model, type, size, packaging, punching; (2) able to understand circuit diagrams (PCB) designed by others, able to draw circuit diagrams (PCB) that one wants to design, and able to judge circuit board problems; (3) some rare The circuit diagrams can be combined into separate new circuits.

Understand the basic pcb drawing PCBA engineer

(1) Can apply common circuit diagram (PCB) drawing software

(2) Able to draw the package diagram of the components, the placed components are in the correct position and the structure is beautiful.

(3) Able to determine the power and ground wires in the drawing, the effect of the structure of the circuit on the function, the routing of the signal line, and the problem of anti-interference.

Experience in using test equipment PCBA engineer

(1) Equipment frequently used by electronic test engineers includes spectrum analyzers, signal generators, vector collection analyzers, power supplies, power meters, battery simulators, and pulse generators.

(2) Have experience in equipment testing and setting, understand the influence of electrical lines, and various methods to eliminate faults.

Manual soldering of components

(1) Understand the basic situation of welding;

(2) Familiar with the placement skills of soldered plug-ins and component patches, these two types are used more in common soldering

(3) Soldering should be elegant, careful, and follow the necessary guidelines;

(4) Can check the basic condition of the circuit board;

Understand software and programming skills

(1) In the SMT patch processing service, custom-made products are usually done more, first of all, the function needs to be programmed into the computer before SMT placement (2) According to the difference between the chip and the location of the placement, Its editors, compilers, debuggers, and downloaders are fundamentally different, requiring engineers to have the ability to write different MCU module codes.

Data Analysis and Communication Capabilities

(1) Data analysis of relevant circuit diagrams and statistical analysis of process capabilities to prevent errors.

(2) SMT engineers must have good speaking and action skills to ensure smooth communication with the team and the company.

Only with the above abilities can one be called an excellent pcba electronic test engineer in the SMT patch industry.

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