What document is needed for PCBA production?

PCBA production document

Abstract: As a professional PCBA processing factory, in the process of docking with customers, it is often encountered that customers cannot provide complete information. In this case, it will first lead to inaccurate business quotations in the early stage and affect the cooperative relationship between the two parties. The second is that the difficulty of the PCBA processing process review has increased. Finally, the material description is incomplete, resulting in low accuracy of purchased materials and delaying the procurement cycle. Especially for the one-stop service of PCBA processing, it needs to be more fully prepared in early communication and cooperation. Next, SZTech-SMT will share with you what are the specific documents required by the pcba processing factory. Hope to bring you some help!

1. BOM list for PCBA production document

The BOM list is also what we often call the bill of materials. It is a standard document and production program document used to test the quality of PCBA processing. It records all electronic materials that need to be used in PCBA processing, including the brand, model, and description of the material. , usage, and other information, the electronic materials used on the entire PCB board will be reflected in the BOM list, so the existence of the bom list is the most important part of pcba processing.

2. pcb file and Gerber file

The Gerber file is a file exported from the PCB file, which contains the circuit board layer, solder mask layer, steel mesh layer, pad layer silkscreen layer, etc. In the actual pcba processing and production process, Gerber data is not only used to make steel The information on the Internet is also the information for making the placement program, and usually it is necessary to refer to the Gerber information for quotation when making PCB board making quotations and pcba patch processing quotations.

3. Coordinate file

The coordinate file is a standard for the processing equipment program to locate the coordinates of the pcba mounting components. In the automation equipment used in pcba processing, the coordinates of the positioning points are almost always used. It is mainly to locate the coordinates of components. This file is needed when the project is programmed (such as placement machine, SPI, first article detector, AOI, and other equipment), and the coordinate file can also be obtained from the PCB file. export in

4. Sample provision

Samples are generally provided as a reference for PCBA processing plants, such as the polarity direction of components, the amount of tin on solder joints, coding, marking, and conformal coatings.

5. Process guidance documents

As the customer’s control over the key quality of the pcba processing plan in the product, there are generally some guiding documents for the pcba processing plant. Contains special needs and special design points.

6. Test file PCBA production document

After all the processes of pcba processing are completed, the customer generally has various test project requirements, including test project parameters and technical indicators, and the test guidance document is generally provided by the customer, which contains the professional parameters required by the customer for the test. guidance and technical requirements.

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