PCBA three-conformal paint spraying operation process requirements

In the orders we make PCBA processing for customers, some boards will require a three-conformal paint process, so what is the role of PCBA spraying three-conformal paint? If you want to spray three-conformal paint? Let me explain it to you today.

Three-conformal paint is a specially formulated coating that can be used to protect PCBA circuit boards and related equipment from environmental erosion, thereby improving and extending their service life and ensuring safety and reliability of use. Applying three-conformal paint on pcba boards and components can play a role in moisture-proof, salt spray-proof, and anti-static. Applying a layer of three-conformal paint can effectively deal with the adverse effects of some harsh environments on PCBA.

Three-conformal paint spraying operation process requirements

1. Before spraying PCBA, first check the appearance of PCBA. If there are obvious fingerprints, stains and other poor appearance on the board, it must be cleaned with a cleaning agent and wait for the cleaning agent to evaporate completely before entering the next process.

2. Protect parts that cannot be sprayed. Protect the PCBA by using tooling protective covers or adhesive tape: sockets, pins, DIP switches, buttons, knobs, and other devices that do not need to be sprayed. Tooling protective covers are preferred.

3. Use a fully automatic three-proof paint sprayer to spray the PCBA.

4. Bake and cure the PCBA after spraying.

5. After the PCBA is painted and cured, the operator must check whether the protective parts are contaminated. If found, they must be picked out, and marked, and feedback is given in time.

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