Deionized DI Water Machine DI250

Deionized DI Water Machine DI250


Deionized DI Water Machine
Adding MB levels
Advanced DI water-making process
Good quality pipes
Enclosed and integrated design
Automatic running, stable DI water quality, higher than 10MΩ.

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Deionized DI Water Machine Application:

DI250 turns tap water into DI water and supplies it to our PCBA inline cleaning machine for DI water rinse after liquid cleaning.

Also Deionized Water And Provide Deionized Water For PCBA Offline Cleaning Machine.

It has a previous treatment system, RO system, and MB(Mixed resin bed)system.

Determined by tape water quality, 50% of tape water will be turned into DI water, and the remaining 50% will be discharged to the sewer.

Deionized DI Water Machine Features:

By adopting an advanced DI water-making process, the machine produces DI water automatically, output water quality is stable.

By using famous spare parts, the system works stable, with low electric consumption, and DI water high output.

Good quality pipes, more stable.

By adding MB levels, not only is the DI water output raised but also DI water quality is improved.

Enclosed and integrated design, compact and firm.

Automatic running, stable DI water quality, higher than 10MΩ.

Deionized DI Water Machine Specifications:

S/N Item Technical Spec Remarks
1 Tap water supply 1.5T/Hour
2 Tape water supply pressure 0.2~0.3Mpa
3 DI water output 200L/H
4 DI water tank 160L 1pc
5 DI water resistivity ≥10MΩ
6 DI water pressure pump 0.37KW 1pc
7 Multi-material filter 25L Quartz Sand+ Carbon 1pc
8 Cationic softener 25L cation resin 1pc
9 Filter 20inch 5um 2pcs
10 High-pressure pump 1.1KW 1pc
11 RO film DOW40*40 1pc
12 MB polishing resin 25L+25L 2pcs
13 Power AC380V,50/60HZ,2KW
14 Machine size L1100xW110xH1600mm
15 Weight 400kg
16 Material SUS304 water tank, SUS201 frame



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