Desktop SMD Taping Machine – SMD-2000

Desktop SMD Taping Machine – SMD-2000


Desktop SMD Taping Machine

  • PLC with touch screen;
  • Good adaptability;
  • Stable sealing;
  • Diversified sealing methods;
  • The cover strap is easy to adjust;
  • Tape protection function;
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Desktop SMD Taping Machine main features:

Good adaptability
●Suitable for packaging of various SMD components
● The track can be flexibly adjusted within the range of 4mm-104mm;
● The rail clamps the cavity, with stable control and easy adjustment;
● The retractable and unwinding mechanism can easily clamp all carrier tape packaging trays and paper trays that meet the EIA-481A standard;
The sealing is stable
● The cutter head is precisely adjusted. Finely adjust the micrometer head of the inner and outer hot pressing blades to accurately adjust the position of the sealing line to ±0.1mm, making the sealing more beautiful;
● Independently control the sealing pressure of the inner and outer blades to ensure the balance of the sealing tape;
● Dual-head independent PID temperature control, accurate and stable temperature control;
Diversified sealing methods
● Suitable for self-adhesive cold sealing and hot pressure sealing;
● Continuous tape sealing;
● Inching belt sealing;
The cover strap is easy to adjust
● The cover tape traveling tension can be adjusted;
● The position of the cover tape can be fine-tuned;
Tape protection function
● The tape transport mechanism is safe and protects the integrity of the carrier tape;
● Smooth start, step-less speed regulation; foot/manual control;

Desktop SMD Taping Machine configuration:

Tape 4-104mm adjustable
Control method PLC with touchscreen
Capacity 2~6K pcs/h
Reel spec 7, 13, 22-inch plastic/ paper tray
Component Suitable for all kinds of SMD component
Power source AC220V±20%/50HZ,5A
Air require 0.3~0.6Mpa/60L/Min;
Temperature range 110℃-180℃
Size L 1630×W 580×H 660 mm
Weight 40KG
Other Length can be customized

How to use Desktop SMD Taping Machine – SMD-2000?

  1. Turn the control switch in the control box to the ON position;
  2. Turn the power switch on the panel to the “on” position;
  3. Make sure the electrical/pneumatic pressure value meets the rated requirements in the technical parameters;
  4. Turn the pressure belt tension switch to the “loose belt” position;
  5. Adjust the track to the desired width;
  6. Adjust the belt retracting (releasing) device to the appropriate position;
  7. Adjust the cover tape to a position that facilitates flat placement;
  8. Clamping the empty belt;
  9. Tighten the cover tape appropriately;
  10. Adjust the required number of counts of the counter, adjust the gear position and sensitivity;
  11. Turn the motor controller switch on the panel to the ON state;
  12. For self-adhesive packaging, please turn the blade heating switch to the “off” position. (If the blade needs to be pressed down, please turn the blade lift switch to the “down” position.
  13. After pressing the “start” button, it will automatically rise and fall. “Blade Lift” “The switch can control the blade lifting during shutdown)
  14. Switch the tension switch to the “tight band” position;
  15. If you use continuous tape for sealing, please turn the switch to the “continuous” position; if you use inching tape for sealing, please turn the switch to the “continuous” position.
  16. With sealing, please turn the switch to the “inch” position;
  17. Heat the blade to the set temperature and the “Run” indicator light will turn on;
  18. Press the start switch or step on the foot switch to start the machine;
  19. Pay attention to packaging according to EIA-481A standard, leaving the number of leading and trailing spaces, etc.;


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