ESD PCB Magazine For SMT

sztech-smt smd PCB MAGAZINE pp big size ESD PCB Magazine For SMT
sztech-smt smd esd PCB MAGAZINE pp
sztech-smt smd esd PCB MAGAZINE pp

ESD PCB Magazine For SMT


ESD PCB Magazine For SMT

  • Multiple sizes.
  • High surface resistance.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • High-strength PP material.
  • Aluminum profile as the frame.
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ESD PCB Magazine from SZTech SMT

Main specifications of ESD PCB Magazine

ESD Magazine Rack
External Size 460*400*563 mm Adjustable Type Gear/Screw
Width 5 mm Depth 3.5 mm
Pitch 10 mm PCB Slot 50
Adjustable Width 50-330 Surface resistance 10^5~10^9 Ω
Side Board Structure 5 Sheets Base Material Metal
Temperature resistance 100/120/150ºC Weight 8.8 kg

PCB Magazine size information and PCB size information.

Magazine Size PCB Size
355*320*565 mm 350L*(50~250W) mm
460*400*565 mm 460L*(50~330W) mm
535*460*565 mm 530L*(50~390W) mm
535*530*565 mm 530L*(50~460W) mm

The advantage of using PP material:

1. Odorless and non-toxic.
2. Due to the regular structure and high crystallization, the melting point can be as high as 167°C.
3. It is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the product can be sterilized by steam is its outstanding advantage.
4. Low density, it is the lightest general-purpose plastic.
5. The disadvantage is that it has poor low-temperature impact resistance and is easy to age, but it can be overcome by modification.
6. The copolymer-type PP material has a lower heat distortion temperature (100°C), low transparency, low gloss, and low rigidity, but has stronger impact strength. The impact strength of PP increases with the increase of ethylene content. increase.
7. The Vicat softening temperature of PP is 150°C.
8. Due to the high degree of crystallinity, the surface stiffness and scratch resistance of this material is very good.


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