FPC Sun Invert Machine For FPC And PCB Production STIC-650

FPC Sun Invert Machine SZTech-SMT PCB Sun Flap Machine 2

FPC Sun Invert Machine For FPC And PCB Production STIC-650

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FPC Sun Invert Machine For FPC And PCB Production STIC-650

Suitable for temporary storage cooling of single/double PCB or FPC, multi-layer boards, and thin boards, and can also be used in other related processes.

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FPC Sun Invert Machine For FPC And PCB Production STIC-650 Features:

  • Cooling/turning function;
  • Automatic/manual operation, selectable 1, 2, 3 plate placement and closing modes;
  • Cardboard alarm device, the board collector has a built-in board full warning mode to prevent the board from falling;
  • The track blades can be made of aluminum block or PVC plastic steel;
  • You can choose to close the board, place the board, or flip the board;
  • The plate placing machine and the plate turning machine have anti-pressure plate functions to prevent products from being crushed;
  • Imported electrical components ensure the stability of equipment operation;
  • It saves labor and costs, and the investment is expected to be recovered within 8 months.

FPC Sun Invert Machine For FPC And PCB Production Specifications:

Model STIC-650
Applicable substrate 250*250~650*650
Applicable plate thickness 0.1mm-3.2mm
Productivity 8-12 pieces/min
Number of plates 60 pcs (Can maximum store 30 pcs, customizable)
equipment power 200 W
work pressure 0.5Mp or more
Conveying height 900mm*-1000mm adjustable support customization
transfer speed 0-10m/min, adjustable
Dimensions 1800*1200*1750 mm
power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Cooling fans Optional

Quality control during FPC and PCB production

Quality control in the circuit board production process mainly includes design verification, plate-making inspection, printing inspection, welding quality control, and test verification. The quality control of each link will be introduced in detail below.

1. Design verification: Verify the designed circuit board to ensure that the design meets the requirements and specifications.

2. Plate-making inspection: Inspect the film, photosensitive adhesive, etc. during the plate-making process to ensure that the plate-making quality is good.

3. Printing inspection: Inspect the printing screen, printing quality, etc. during the printing process to ensure that the printing quality meets the requirements.

4. Welding quality control: Control the welding process and welding quality during the welding process to ensure good welding quality.

5. Test verification: Verify the functional testing, quality inspection, etc. during the testing process to ensure that the quality of the circuit board is qualified.


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