Inline PCBA ICT Testing Machine SZT588A

Inline PCBA ICT Testing Machine
Inline PCBA ICT Testing Machine

Inline PCBA ICT Testing Machine SZT588A


Inline PCBA ICT Testing Machine

  • Semi-automatic operation;
  • Reduce workers and enterprise costs;
  • Improve productivity and efficiency;
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • Powerful software operating environment;
  • Complete hardware architecture design;
  • Advanced test technology integration;
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Inline PCBA ICT Testing Machine main features:

1. Powerful software operating environment
Windows version operating environment, humanized interface design, easy operation.
Powerful one-piece structural design.
The computer automatically learns and automatically generates open/short circuits, Pin Information, and IC protection diode.
Tube test program computer’s automatic isolation point selection function automatically determines the signal source and signal inflow direction.
It can be connected to the network and combined with database management and station monitoring programs.
Complete test statistics and reports are generated and automatically stored, so data will not be lost due to power outages.
The system has a self-diagnosis function and remote remote control function
The BoardView function can instantly display the location of defective components and pinpoints for easy maintenance.
2. Complete hardware architecture design
Advanced Reed Relay Switching design, strong pressure resistance, and excellent isolation effect.
Programmable open/short circuit Threshold settings, suitable for various product measurements.
The operation interface can be operated in press type, vacuum type, In-Line, and other modes.
Large host design, high-density Switching Board, up to 2,560 test points.
Multiple safety designs truly protect operators.
3. Advanced test technology integration
The first to introduce TestJET technology to detect the open soldering problem of SMT components with the best results.
Applying IC Clamping Diode can assist in detecting BGA open circuit and empty soldering problems.
Assisted learning module to detect IC reverse problems.
The options are powerful and can be equipped with voltage and current measurements according to different testing needs.
Equipped with a 1MHZ signal source, it can accurately measure small capacitors and inductors.
It has a three-point measurement mode that can measure components such as transistors, FETs, and SCRs. It can provide a four-point measurement for the Photo-Coupler to detect the reverse insertion problem of the above components accurately.
Equipped with Pin Contact checking function.

Inline PCBA ICT Testing Machine main specifications:

Test points Standard configuration: 256 (points) can be expanded to 1,024 points, customized up to 65536 points, maximum expansion points: 2,560 points, each switchboard has 128 Pinpoints
Test steps Maximum test steps: 20,000 steps, which can be expanded according to the needs
Testing time Open/short circuit test: about 1.5sec every 1,000 points. Component test: about 0.9 msec~30 msec for each component.
Test Range a. Resistance 1Ω ~ 40MΩ, accuracy 0.05Ω ~ 100MΩ (two-wire type)
b. Resistance 0.1Ω ~ 40MΩ Accuracy 0.05Ω ~ 100MΩ (four-wire type) ±10MΩ
c. Capacitance 100pF ~ 40mF, accuracy ±2%-5%
d. Inductor 1uH ~ 50H accuracy 2%-5%
e. Diode 0.1 ~ 6V accuracy ±1%-3%
f. Zener diode 0.1 ~ 14V accuracy ±1%-3%
g. Test the Vce saturation voltage and β value at the three terminals of the transistor
h. Three-terminal test of field effect transistor Vds, Cds, Rd(on)
i. Optical couplers and relays, use four terminals to test their conduction voltage or resistance
j. Test the Vce saturation voltage and β value at the three terminals of the transistor
k. 3-terminal electrolytic capacitor polarity test
Isolation point circuit Isolation points are automatically selected, 5 points per test step
Test value upper and lower limit setting range Upper limit: +1% to 999%; Lower limit: -1% to -999%
Measurable circuit board size 500mm x 380mm
Maximum circuit board thickness 150mm
Main control computer Intel Dual Core PC
Monitor Hard drive Kingston 128 solid state, 21-inch monitor 21″ display
Safety devices Multiple safety design, six-color infrared protection device
Fixture type Standard configuration: pneumatic
Option test function Test Jet function, bonding function, FCT test, etc.
Working pressure 3 ~ 6Kg/cm2
Power supply AC110V~120V,220V~240V,+/_10%,50/60Hz,350W
Size 860mm(width) x 8000mm(depth) x 1760mm(height),
weight 250kg



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