Nitrogen Reflow Oven

air reflow oven details 02 Nitrogen Reflow Oven
air reflow oven details 03 Nitrogen Reflow Oven Refurbished smt machine
air reflow oven details 04 Nitrogen Reflow Oven
air reflow oven details 05 Nitrogen Reflow Oven
air reflow oven details Nitrogen Reflow Oven
air reflow oven Nitrogen Reflow Oven

Nitrogen Reflow Oven


Nitrogen Reflow Oven

  • Windows 7 Chinese and English systems, easy to learn, can be replaced at any time.
  • The digital control system adopts PLC and modular circuits, and the repetition accuracy is stable and accurate.
  • The Intelligent Diagnosis System (IDS) has functions of failure reminder, alarm, list, and data saving.
  • Temperature and fan speed can be controlled independently to meet high precision requirements.
  • The length of the effective heating zone, the heat conduction is fully and evenly distributed, which greatly improves the heating efficiency.
  • Forced cooling system, fast cooling speed, suitable for various lead-free solder pastes.
  • PLC and PID closed-loop control to achieve high-precision temperature control and repeatable curves.
  • Equipped with a patented air management system with 8 upper and lower zones as standard, making hot air convection more efficient and heat compensation faster.
  • The guide rail is hardened and more stable.
  • The width of the guide rail can be adjusted manually (optional: automatic adjustment by SPG geared motor).
  • The chain guide rail is lubricated by the central oil storage device and controlled by a computer.
  • The powerful software system can save all settings, and print all data and configuration files through the PC.
  • It has a flux collection system to keep the area clean and ensure more environmentally friendly emissions.
  • Nitrogen with the machine is optional.
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Nitrogen Reflow Oven from SZTech SMT provides a stable temperature environment to ensure the best solder quality performance of your SMT line.

Main Specifications of Nitrogen Reflow Oven

Model 10 zones nitrogen reflow oven
Heating System Number of heating zones UP 10/BOTTOM 10
Number of cooling zones 2
Length of heating zones 3900mm
Heating mode Hot air
Cooling Mode N2 Oven: Cooling Water
Exhaust Volume 10m³/min * 2 exhausts
Conveyor System Max. Width of PCB 250*2mm
Mesh belt width 700mm
Transmission Direction L→R(or R→L)
Transmission Net Height 900±20mm
Transmission type Mesh and chain
Conveyor speed 0-2000mm/min
Auto/manual Lubrication standard
Fixed rail side 1.4 Rails Fixed, 2.3 Rails are movable.
Components high Top and bottom 25mm
Control system Power supply 5 line 3 phase 380V 50/60Hz
Total power 36kw
Normal power consumption 8-12KW
Warming time About 20 mins
Temp. setting range Room temperature-300℃
Temp. control method PID close loop control & SSR driving
Temp. control precision ±1℃
Temp. deviation on PCB ±2℃
Data storage Process Data and status storage(80GB)
Nozzle plate Aluminum Alloy Plate
Abnormal Alarm Abnormal temp. (extra-high/extra-low temp.)
Board dropped alarm Tower light: Yellow-warming, Green-normal, Red-abnormal
General Dimension(L*W*H) 6200×1550×1550mm
Weight 2150KG
Color Computer gray

Nitrogen system:
1. High-precision and reliable oxygen analyzer + cooling water
2. With a nitrogen flow meter and nitrogen pipeline
3. Furnace body sealing optimization design reduces nitrogen loss. An external chiller provides a high-quality cold source.
4. Prevent oxidation
5. Improve wetting force and wetting speed
6. Reduce solder, avoid bridging, and get good soldering quality.
7. Nitrogen flow controller: normal nitrogen consumption: 20m3/hr.500-1000ppm (oxygen concentration)
8. Fully automatic oxygen analyzer: fast response time; complete self-diagnosis and testing of important functions and parameters
9. Cooling water machine: 3HP; external; sufficient heat dissipation capacity to meet the requirements of a lead-free process
10. Flux management: The nitrogen furnace is equipped with an air circulation filter as standard to optimize the environment in the furnace and facilitate maintenance


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