Offline AOI For SMT

Offline AOI For SMT


Offline AOI For SMT

  • Economical and practical AOl.
  • High-precision detection platform design.
  • Fast programming debugging integration.
  • Automatic recognize the Top and Bottom side.
  • Professional SPC system.
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Offline AOI From SZTech SMT can detect most of the regular defects of PCB.

Main specifications

Category Item of offline AOI Configuration
Visual inspection system discriminated method Vector analysis algorithm, integration logic or operation, bilateral brightness boundary distance, component body tracking, OCV, brightness template matching, color distance, color extraction (RGB & HSV), brightness range, brightness deviation, a minimum span of brightness change, etc.
Camera Color CCD Camera
light source RGB ring LED light source
Image Processing Speed 0201 Chip <10ms
Per-image Time <170ms
Inspection items Paste Printing Defects Exist, deflection, less tin, more tin, disconnection, pollution
Component Defects Missing, deviation, skew, stele, stand, turnover, reverse polarity, wrong piece, damage
Solder Defects less tin, more tin, short solder, stain
Anti Static Measure Anti-static electric outlet, anti-static wreath
mechanical system PCB Size 25*25mm-330*480mm(Can be customized)
PCB thickness 0.5-2.5mm
PCB warpage <2 mm (Have fixture to correct warpage
Component height Top<28mm, bot<75mm
Minimum elements and spacing can be detected 0302 chip(15 um)
X’Y platform Driver AC servo motor system
Orientation 15um
Move speed 700mm/s
Software system Operate a system of offline AOI Windows 7
Controlling and Recognizing characteristic WIDM, Study ok template, automatically set template imaging, identify data and error numerical value
operation Graphical programming, take along with chip library and get an inspection frame according to chip shape, accurate position, micron adjust, and easy programming
Mark Mark number 0~2 marks can be chosen
Recognizing speed 0.5s/pcs
controller Computer CPU: Intel dual core, memory 4G, hard disk 500G
Display 23 inch TFT
Others Offline AOI Dimension(L*W*H) 87*104*130cm
Offline AOI Weight ~360KG
Offline AOI Power supply AC220V±10%,50/60Hz,600W

Advantage Of Offline AOI:

1. Realize automatic detection

Off-line AOI optical inspection equipment can be placed in various positions of the production line to realize the synchronization of product production and inspection, thereby reducing the turnaround time of inspection, and it is also conducive to the actual discovery and feedback of problem points, so as to deal with them as soon as possible. Using offline AOI optical inspection equipment to automatically perform inspection operations saves a lot of labor and improves production efficiency and production capacity. This is because the inspection work is fully automated, so it can be done in one step.

2. Realize process simplification

The offline AOI optical inspection system has been upgraded on the basis of the original online AOI optical inspection, so that the inspection equipment has been simplified, and the entire product production process has also been simplified. At the same time, offline AOI optical inspection can be applied to a variety of components and concentrations and is applicable to various production lines. In addition, because the offline AOI optical inspection system has a relatively high degree of mechanization, labor costs are reduced, so the factory’s initial investment in production is also reduced a lot, and the process flow becomes simpler and easier to master.

3. Realize high-speed detection

The use of offline AOI optical inspection equipment can complete the image inspection of the product in an instant, which greatly shortens the production time. Moreover, the offline AOI optical inspection with reliable inspection results can also realize the synchronization of inspection and data processing, the inspection data can be perfectly collected, and process analysis can be provided at the same time, which improves the inspection efficiency multiple times.


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