Online Glue Dispensing Machine 3-Axis

Online Glue Dispensing Machine 3 Axis

Online Glue Dispensing Machine 3-Axis


Online Glue Dispensing Machine 3-Axis

High equipment stability and dispensing efficiency.
Industrial computer + motion control board.
servo motors + ball screws.
human-friendly interface and software.
High-precision glue valve.
35B stainless steel chain with long pins.
exhaust gas outlet.
After programming is completed, the machine can use simulated dispensing without glue.

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Online Glue Dispensing Machine 3-Axis Features:

1. The material uses using counterweight steel plate and the weight of the whole machine reaches 700kg, which improves equipment stability and dispensing efficiency
2. Use industrial computer + motion control board;
3. X/Y/Z/three axes all use servo motors + ball screws, with repeatable positioning accuracy reaching ±0.02mm, which can automatically eliminate errors;
4. The operating software is independently developed and easy to manage. The interface is human-friendly operate.
5. The standard precision glue valve can be controlled individually to achieve high-efficiency panel dispensing and is suitable for dispensing various difficult process products;
6. The width adjustment of the transportation guide rail uses linear slide rail + stepper motor with manual width adjustment, which has extremely high adjustment accuracy. The transportation power is controlled by double-stepper motors, which makes the operation more stable and smooth. The transportation chain is made of 35B stainless steel with long pins;
7. The flow control of the glue valve is controlled by a thousand-level precision dial to ensure accurate control of the amount of glue. The atomization uses a high-precision digital display pressure regulating valve with an accuracy of 1 PSI;
8. Equipped with an exhaust gas outlet.
9. Standard four-core SMEMA cable, which can be directly connected to other devices;
10. Parameters such as the moving speed of the nozzle, the moving distance, and the height of the nozzle can be set to achieve different dispensing requirements for different types of PCB products.
11. After programming is completed, the machine can use simulated dispensing without glue to confirm whether the dispensing trajectory and steps are correct and whether it will cause damage to the PCB board, etc.
12. Glue barrel liquid level alarm function is equipped.

Specifications of Online Glue Dispensing Machine 3-Axis

Model CY-460
Weight 700kg
Programming Manual teaching + keyboard and mouse set
Control method Industrial computer + motion control card
Motor power AC220V,60W
PCB width range 50mm-450mm adjustable
Width adjust mode Stepper motor manual width adjustment
X, Y axis maximum running speed 1000mm/s
Z-axis maximum running speed 500mm/s
Total power 2.5KW
Air source ≥0.4MP
PCB transport height 915±20mm
Cleaning bucket 500 mL
Power supply AC 220V
PCB board size MAX W450mm*L450mm
Machine dimensions L1060mm*W1010mm*H1700mm
Run the software Self-design control software + Windows system
Program storage quantity 1000+
Transport speed (Conveyor) Max 300mm/s
Transfer method Stainless steel chain + stepper motor
X, Y, Z axis drive mode Servo motor + high-precision screw
X, Y, and Z axis repeat positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Number of valves 1
Spray thickness 30μm -250μm (depending on glue performance)
PCB board component height MAX 90mm
Cleaning function Self-cleaning function
Lighting part Equip with white light and purple light
Transmission direction Left to right or right to left
Glue barrel capacity
(Only equip one)
£ 50cc
£ 5L
£ 10L
Glue valve R Ordinary dispensing valve
£ Pneumatic injection valve 0.1-1.5mm
£ Piezoelectric injection valve 0.1-1.5mm


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