Online Label Placing Machine Single Robot For PCB SMT

Online Label Placing Machine Single Robot For PCB SMT


Online Label Placing Machine Single Robot For PCB SMT

Intelligent control
Accurate and stable
Simple operation
Automatic manipulator
Customized nozzle
Suitable for many types of products

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Online Label Placing Machine Single Robot For PCB SMT Features:

High efficiency, high precision labeling
The full visual positioning and placement system is provided by two high-resolution CCDs and stable vision software, which can correct
The error between the label and the Fiducial Mark of the circuit board in the X and Y directions.

High stability and flexible application
Highly rigid base, servo motor, and high-precision screw guide drive X-Y axis,

Stable and reliable industrial control system
Based on the Windows operating system platform, it has a multi-level operation interface and a CCD-assisted simplified programming method, providing users with a simple operation interface and easy-to-set-up the machine’s operating procedures. The veneer and puzzle pieces also have the SKIP function.

Transport rails with standard SEMA interface
The track can be set with the BYPASS function, and the operation is flexible; the splint adopts a top-top design to prevent line
The road slab is bent.

Removable Feeder, standard Feeder installation method, easy to replace
The label Feeder is controlled by optical fiber and stepper motor, and the labeling accuracy is high; Feeder
The feeding operation is simple and easy to replace. Various label feeders can be customized according to customer product specifications.

Online Label Placing Machine Single Robot For PCB SMT Specifications:

Model LM3216
Max PCB size 350 mm* 350 mm
X/Y axis moving range 350 mm
Z-axis moving range 100 mm
Maximum placement speed 1800CPH
Movement accuracy ±0.05 mm
Positioning method Mechanical clamping, Y-direction side clamping (optional MARK point camera + visual camera positioning)
Available mounting types Various labels/iron sheets/ diaphragms/ adhesive paper/ foam/ double-sided tape PSA auxiliary materials within the range of 2*2-100*60MM, etc.
Program method Visual online programming
Number of feeders Maximum 4 feeders
operating system WINDOWS 7
compressed air 0.55MPA
Power supply 220V50Hz,0.5KW
weight 300Kg
Size 600mm*800mm*1500mm



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