Panasonic NPM Label feeder CM602 CM402 Models

Panasonic NPM CM Label feeder drawing sztech-smt smd PCB

Panasonic NPM Label feeder CM602 CM402 Models

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Panasonic NPM Label feeder CM602 CM402 Models Features:

  • High speed
  • Stabilize
  • Can work independently
  • With counting function
  • Simple maintenance
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Panasonic NPM Label feeder CM602 CM402 Models Features:

There is no need to purchase a separate labeling machine. You can attach barcode labels with the Label Feeder placement machine.
It has strong compatibility with material types. Whether it is paper labels or FPC-reinforced steel sheets, various roll materials such as Mylar tape, foam, dustproof nets, high-temperature tape, etc. can all use Label Feeder.
Material size compatibility is strong. One label feeder can handle materials of all sizes within the maximum size. It supports single-row or multi-row, maximizing the use efficiency of the machine.

Panasonic NPM Label feeder CM602 CM402 Models Specifications:

Model LF-PANA-60/32
Suitable packaging Width 2-60MM, length L2-40MM
Length 800MM
Width 90MM
Height 205MM
Weight 4KG
Voltage DC 24V machine online power supply/ONLINE
Current Average Average80MA/Instant Peak 1A
Driving mode Stepper motor/STEP motor
precision +0.05MM
Feeding Speed Adjustable 1-8 gears SPEED1-8
Feeding precision ±0.5°
Feeding Positioning Fiber Optic Sensor/Fiber Optic Sensor
Product account 0-9999999 times
Position Adjustment Optical fiber + touch screen fine-tuning/Fiber Optic Adj
Columns per row 1
Feeding time 0.1-2S

Process To Use Label Feeder From SZTech-SMT:

Preparation: Confirm the components and PCB to be mounted and prepare them. Components are usually supplied in the form of tape and reel, while PCB requires pre-processing, such as tinning, etc.
Set up the feeder: According to the placement requirements, adjust the parameters of the feeder, such as device speed, size and position of the nozzle, etc. These parameters are adjusted based on component and PCB size, shape, and assembly requirements.
Calibration: Calibrate the feeder to ensure the accuracy of various parameters. This includes the positioning of the nozzle, the accuracy of the electric unit, and the calibration of the control system.
Placement operation: Place the component to be placed in the feeder of the feeder and start the feeder. Label Feeder will automatically identify the location of the component and use the suction nozzle to pick up the component and then accurately place it at the predetermined location on the PCB.
Soldering: Once the component is mounted on the PCB, a soldering process may be required to ensure the electrical connection between the component and the PCB. This can be done with traditional wave soldering or surface mount techniques such as hot air ovens or reflow ovens.
Inspection and quality control: After SMT placement, quality inspection is usually required to ensure welding quality and component installation accuracy. This can include methods such as visual inspection, X-ray inspection, automated optical inspection, and functional testing.
Please note that the exact method of using Label Feeder may vary depending on the device model, brand, and manufacturer. Therefore, before using the Label Feeder, be sure to refer to the equipment’s operation manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for SMT patch operations.


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