PCB Insertion DIP MI Conveyor For Through Hole Process

PCB Insertion DIP MI Conveyor For Through Hole Process

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PCB Insertion DIP MI Conveyor For Through Hole Process.

  • AC high-quality motor with adjustable speed.
  • High-strength aluminum and stainless metal profiles.
  • Stainless metal chain.
  • A lighting frame is added.
  • Process card A4 size.
  • It can be highly customized.
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PCB Insertion DIP MI Conveyor For Through Hole Process. SZTech-SMT produces it in high-strength aluminum and stainless metal profiles, the speed is adjustable from 0~3 meter/s.

Main specifications of PCB Insertion DIP MI Conveyor

The length and width of it can be customized!

Items Specifications and Materials
Dimensions Specification: (L)3000*(W)600*(H) 1950±30mm
Workbench high: 750±30MM;
Fuselage structure Plug-in line adjustable width range: 50-350mm
The fuselage bracket is made of 40*40 aluminum materials,
Guide rail adopts 51*56 high-strength special aluminum material;
The lamp holder is made of 40*40 aluminum material;
The light adopts 25*50 light;
The table is made of a 2mm thick steel plate,
The transmission chain adopts R35 plastic/ stainless metal chain/ Pin chain, etc.
Drive system The transmission part adopts Taiwan “VTV” 60W conjoined motor with a governor, the speed is adjustable from 0 to 3M/MIN
Lighting system LED single bracket with cover, equipped with LED lamp tube,
Fittings The craft holder is made of 25×14 “H” aluminum, each station is equipped with a set of A4 rubber sleeves and the size is 300×240mm (A4 paper shall prevail), can free slip, one set per meter;
The parts are made of a 1.8mm thick steel plate, and the surface is sprayed.
The drive sprocket, drive screw, and drive shaft all use high-quality components

How many steps are there in the process of DIP plug-in processing?

With the rapid development of SMT processing technology, SMT patch processing has gradually replaced DIP insertion processing. However, due to the oversize of some electronic components in PCBA production and other reasons, plug-in processing has not been replaced. Still, it plays an essential role in the electronic assembly process. DIP plug-in processing is after SMT patch processing, and generally uses assembly line manual plug-in, which requires a lot of employees.

The process flow of DIP plug-in processing can generally be divided into: component forming processing → plug-in → wave soldering → component cutting → repair welding (post-welding) → board washing → functional testing

1. Pre-processing the components

First of all, the staff in the pre-processing workshop go to the material place to pick up the materials according to the BOM material list, carefully check the material model, and specification, sign, and perform pre-production pre-processing according to the model, using automatic bulk capacitor cutting machine, transistor automatic molding machine, fully automatic Forming equipment such as belt forming machines for processing.

2. Plug-ins

Insert the chip-processed components into the corresponding positions on the PCB board to prepare for wave soldering.

3. Wave soldering

Put the inserted PCB board into the wave soldering conveyor belt, and complete the soldering of the PCB board after spraying flux, preheating, wave soldering, cooling, and other links.

4. Component cutting feet

Cut the feet of the soldered PCBA board to achieve a suitable size.

5. Repair welding (post-welding)

Repair welding should be carried out for maintenance for finished PCBA boards that have not been completely welded after inspection.

6. Washing plate

Clean the harmful substances such as soldering flux remaining on the finished PCBA to meet the cleanliness of the environmental protection standard required by the customer.

7. Function test

After the components are soldered, the finished PCBA board needs to be functionally tested to check whether the functions are normal. If a functional defect is detected, it needs to be repaired and retested.


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