PCB inverting Conveyor For Dual-side SMD Process

PCB inverting Conveyor For Dual-side SMD Process

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PCB Inverting Conveyor For Dual-side PCB Mounting Process.

  • HMI touchscreen control.
  • Panasonic PLC.
  • Omron sensor.
  • Motor or Air system to achieve PCB inverting action.
  • Airtek air controller.
  • High-quality cylinder.
  • Standard SMEMA.
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PCB inverting Conveyor For Dual-side PCB mounting or PCB coating Process from SZTech-SMT, it can invert PCB to the other side and send it to the next process of the SMT production line, PCB coating production line, and also PCB laser production line.

Main specifications

Specification IC-350W IC-460W
Power supply AC 220V/ 50/60Hz
PCB size (mm) 445*50~350 535*50~460
PCB transport direction Customize left to right or right to left
Transport height 900 ± 20 mm
Transport speed 10m/ min
Trick fixed side Front side or back side
Main motor power 120w
Machine size 500*720*1250 600*830*1300
Weight (kg) 160 190
Control panel Touch screen With HMI software.

Working principles and features of PCB Inverting Conveyor

1. Power by a stepping motor, the 180-degree inverting speed is extremely fast;
2. Touch screen control, you can set the inverting angle, speed, and statistical quantity;
3. Fully enclosed structure to ensure the personal safety of the operator;
4. It adopts PLC+ HMI touch screen control; It has 180-degree inverting and straight-through functions;
5. There are anti-jamming boards on the front and back, and photoelectric sensors on both sides to ensure safety during rotation;
6. The reinforced stepper motor has strong power, and the heavy workpiece is still stable and smooth;
7. The width can be equipped with electric automatic adjustment according to the demand, and the conventional model is equipped with manual width adjustment;
8. This model is mainly used for SMT production lines, coating production lines, inkjet coding production lines, etc.
9. The software is equipped with double-sided continuous inverting and single-sided inverting functions, and a set of actions can be completed in 8 seconds;
10. It needs gas and electricity, and it is very simple to change the transmission direction;
11. Action flow: enter the PCB → stop in place → rotate the PCB 180 degrees → exit the PCB→ 180-degree somersault rotation → return to the origin (into the PCB enter position);


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