PCB Magazine and Vacuum Loader Combine For SMT

PCB Magazine and Vacuum Loader Combine For SMT

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PCB Magazine and Vacuum Loader

  • HMI touchscreen control.
  • Panasonic PLC.
  • Omron sensor.
  • AC motor.
  • Automatic width adjustment.
  • Airtek air controller.
  • High-quality cylinder.
  • Standard SMEMA.
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PCB Magazine and Vacuum Loader. It combines two ways to load PCB into the SMT production line.

It provides high flexibility for an SMT line. When there is a bare PCB, the operator can use vacuum mode to load the board, while when there are a PCB with components, the operator can choose to use the magazine to load the PCB into the SMT production line.

Main specifications of PCB Magazine and Vacuum Loader

Specification MV-250  MV-330  MV-390  MV-460
Power supply AC 220V/ 50/60Hz
Air supply 5 kg f/cm²
PCB size (mm) 330*50~250 445*50~330 530*50~390 535*50~460
PCB transport direction Customize left to right or right to left
Magazine size (mm) 335*320*565 460*400*565 535*460*565 535*530*565
Step pitches 10,20,30,40mm choosable
Storage height 200 mm
Transport height 900 ± 20 mm
Main motor power 300w
Machine size 1650*900*1250 1750*980*1300 1800*989*1300 1800*1050*1300
Weight (kg) 230 310 360 380
Control panel Touch screen


1. The PCB Magazine and Vacuum Loader are used in the SMT production line. The bare board can use the board suction function, and the non-bare board can use the board loading function to make the production more efficient and practical;

2. The PCB Vacuum Magazine combine Loader is equipped with two loading modes as standard, which is especially suitable for the single-line mode of double-sided panels in the production line;

3. PLC control system, true color touch screen man-machine control;

4. Auxiliary positioning brake system, accurate positioning, fast lifting speed, convenient production;

5. Multiple electrical distribution circuit protection, safe and reliable;

6. Sound and light prompt alarm system, easier to operate and maintain;

7. Compatible with the SMEMA interface, it can be operated online and automatically with other equipment;


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