PCB Reject Conveyor For SMT

PCB Reject Conveyor For SMT

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PCB Reject Conveyor For SMT

  • HMI touchscreen control.
  • Panasonic PLC.
  • Omron sensor.
  • Airtek air controller.
  • Standard SMEMA.
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PCB Reject Conveyor For SMT from SZTech-SMT provides a buffer function in an SMT production line when there is a time gap between two processes.

Main specifications:

Specification RC-800L RC-1000L
Power supply AC 220V/ 50/60Hz
Air supply 5 kg f/cm²
PCB size (mm) 460*50~350 460*50~460
Transport speed 10m/ min
PCB transport direction Customize left to right or right to left
Magazine size (mm) 600*1130*1270 600*1250*1270
Trick fixed side Front side or back side
Transport height 900 ± 20 mm
Main motor power 300w
Machine size 800*680*900 1000*790*900
Weight (kg) 90 110

What is PCB reject conveyor for SMT?

The PCB used for AOI detection and screening on the SMT production line is characterized in that it also includes a body, a servo motor, an OK board receiving mechanism, an NG board receiving mechanism, and a transfer mechanism. The utility model is simple in structure and reasonable in design. NG products are detected through AOI, and NG signals are output. PLC receives the signals and controls the transfer mechanism, automatically distinguishes good products and defective products and correspondingly lifts the defective products, and passes the good products to the next process.
Reduce the risk of mixed storage of defective and good products caused by personnel misoperation, reduce manual work, achieve an automated production mode with no one working, and improve product yield and enterprise production efficiency.


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