PCB Soldering Infeed Conveyor For MI/ DIP

PCB Soldering Infeed Conveyor For MI/ DIP

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PCB Soldering Infeed Conveyor For MI/ DIP

  • AC Motor with adjustable speed.
  • High-strength aluminum profile.
  • Adjust width range 50~350mm.
  • Stainless metal chain.
  • Adjustable height of in and out.
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PCB Soldering Infeed Conveyor from SZTech-SMT, high-quality aluminum, and stainless metal profiles. SZTech-SMT can provide 100% customized service for the soldering infeed conveyor. It is using 35B stainless metal chain which is high-quality and can be used for many years even in high-temperature environments.

Main specifications:

Item Specification and material
Size Details Machine size: (L)800*(W)600*(H) 1150±30mm, Workbench high: 750±30MM;
Structure Adjustable width from 50mm to 350mm, customizable.
The machine body bracket is made of 40*40 aluminum.
The guide rail is made of 51*56 high-strength special aluminum;
Platen is made of a 2mm thick steel plate,
The conveyor chain adopts R35 plastic chain transmission. Customizable
Motor system The transmission part adopts a connected motor with the governor.
The speed is adjustable from 0 ~ 3M/MIN

Features Of PCB Soldering Infeed Conveyor:

It is suitable for the wave soldering machine’s front-end conveying and connecting table.
Wave soldering particular connection station, perfect connection plug-in line, and wave soldering, to meet the automation requirements of the workshop
Transmission speed step-less frequency conversion adjustable, stable, and durable
A machine between the plug-in line and the wave soldering machine can be adjusted to be consistent with the wave soldering.
The height and inclination can be adjusted according to the wave soldering to ensure that the product is safely sent into the wave soldering


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