PCB Telescopic Gate Conveyor For SMT

PCB Telescopic Gate Conveyor For SMT

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PCB Telescopic Gate Conveyor For SMT

  • HMI touchscreen control.
  • Panasonic PLC.
  • Omron sensor.
  • Standard SMEMA.
  • Telescopic-type gate conveyor.
  • High-security
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PCB Telescopic Gate Conveyor For SMT from SZTech SMT provides a way for the operator to pass through when there is a long SMT production line.

Main specifications:

Specification GC-350W GC-460W
Power supply AC 220V/ 50/60Hz
PCB size (mm) 460*50~350 460*50~460
PCB transport direction Customize left to right or right to left
Fixed side Front side or end side
Transport height 900 ± 20 mm
Transport speed 6 m/ min
Air supply 5 kg f/cm²
Main motor power 120w
Machine size 600*800*1200 600*990*1200
Weight (kg) 220 250

What is PCB Telescopic Gate Conveyor?

  • The structural principle of this machine: adopt the vehicle-mounted part with adjustable width and the main part, and realize the reciprocating action of the PCB in the direction of in and out expansion and reciprocation according to the signal of the upper and lower computer;
  • Working principle: This machine seeks the board → the PCB enters the vehicle and puts it in place → the vehicle moves toward the direction of the board output → the vehicle is in place and the board is released → the vehicle returns to the original point to connect the board → standby → repeats.
  • When the human body needs to pass, just activate the pass button;
  • Various non-standard models can be customized according to different sizes of PCBs and the special needs of users;
  • Reasons for your choice: When the production line is too long, you need to improve work efficiency. It can solve your problems.
  • It is suitable for the automatic docking of various SMT, DIP, or assembly production lines.
  • Adopting high-performance PLC control, it has the characteristics of stable operation and stronger anti-electromagnetic interference ability.
  • Touch screen man-machine interface and man-machine dialogue are very convenient and simple, and the status monitoring during production is clear.
  • High-precision synchronous belt, precision linear slide rail, stepping motor, high repeatability of the machine, no superposition error.
  • The frame of the whole machine adopts laser processing of δ2MM cold-rolled steel plate, CNC stamping, carbon dioxide protection welding, plastic spraying process, and fine assembly process to create high-quality production equipment.
  • Standard equipment industry standard signal: SMEMA, can be connected with other equipment for online automatic operation;


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