PCB Traverser Shuttle Conveyor For SMT and DIP

PCB Traverser Shuttle Conveyor For SMT and DIP

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PCB Traverser Shuttle Conveyor For SMT and DIP

  • HMI touchscreen control.
  • Panasonic PLC.
  • Omron sensor.
  • AC motor.
  • Automatic width adjustment.
  • Airtek air controller.
  • High-quality cylinder.
  • Standard SMEMA.
  • M16 Feet cup.
  • There color tower light.
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PCB Traverser Shuttle Conveyor For SMT and DIP from SZTech-SMT can provide a role of traffic control in SMT or manual insertion production line.

Main specifications:

Specification TC-250W TC-500W
Power supply AC 220V/ 50/60Hz
Air supply 5 kg f/cm²
PCB size (mm) 445*50~250 445*50~460
PCB transport direction Customize left to right or right to left
Transport Speed 10m/min
Trick fixed side Front side or back side
Transport height 900 ± 20 mm
Main motor power 150W
Machine size 500*900*1100 500*3500*1100
Weight (kg) 160 320
Control panel Touch screen

*Note: the length of the machine is based on the real situation of the SMT production line. Normally we need to know the exact distance between two fixed rails, then we will be able to calculate the correct data of length. Please check the below drawing for reference:

sztech-smt smd PCB Traverser Shuttle Conveyor For SMT and DIP

Working principle of PCB Traverser Shuttle Conveyor, how does it work?

A parallel transfer machine is composed of mechanical transmission parts, text, and an electric control system centered on a programmable controller. The transmission part adopts a powerful synchronous belt and is driven by a stepping motor, which has high working stability and accurate connection and positioning; the automatic control method is adopted to facilitate operation and debugging. It uses 1 or 2 mobile trolleys to move back and forth between 2 specific positions, in order to realize the automatic perfect docking between SMT or plug-in equipment and logistics system equipment, (1 point 2 and 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 and other specific Occasion confluence or diversion transport), and the design of intelligent automation production equipment system.




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