SAMSUNG Feeder Car SM Series SM421/ SM481/ SM471

SAMSUNG Feeder Car SM Series SM421/ SM481/ SM471

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SAMSUNG Feeder Car SM Series SM421/ SM481/ SM471

  • Aluminum body
  • ESD.
  • Stainless metal design.
  • Four swivel casters, two of which have brakes.
  • Stable body frame.
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SAMSUNG Feeder Car is useful for Samsung SM Series SM421/ SM481/ SM471.

The body is made of stainless steel square welded, the whole is firm, the clamping position is molded, the aluminum alloy material is added with plastic parts, and the alignment is accurate, convenient, and practical, with four swivel casters, two of which have brakes, the welding points are beautiful, and can be pressed Customers require customized finished products, welcome to contact

Main Specifications SAMSUNG Feeder Car:

Name YAMAHA YS FEEDER place car
Brand SZTech-SMT
Origin Shenzhen
Description 40pcs/layer, 2 layers in total
Material Stainless steel
Dimensions (mm) 800*600*1100
Weight 18KG
Applicable models Samsung SM series placement machine

What is a pick-and-place machine feeder?

During the working process of the placement machine, in order to install fine components on the PCB circuit board, it is necessary to use a very precise auxiliary tool that continuously provides electronic components, that is, the feeder, which sends the components to a fixed position, and then moves the suction nozzle of the placement machine to pick up and mount the components to the designated position of the PCB circuit board. It can be seen that the feeder works in the placement machine The importance of time, so how should we operate and use it correctly to effectively ensure its long-term stability and reliability? The following 1942 will give you a detailed introduction to the correct use of the feeder, taking the Samsung brand as an example.

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Application: It is used to place the feeder, prepare the feeder in advance, and store the feeder in turnover to improve production efficiency. It is widely used in the turnover and placement of feeders in SMT production workshops. It is stable in placement, free to take and place, and can be moved or fixed at will.
Material: Made of stainless steel, the structure is designed with a high hard square tube, and the body is light, strong, and durable. 4 3-inch swivel casters, two with brakes, two movable, easy to move;
Quality: It is welded by advanced welding technology, replacing the traditional manual welding method, with the fine cut surface, no open welding, neat and burr-free, the frame is not deformed after being filled with feeders, and the whole is firm, light, strong and durable ;
Technology: The feeder positioning board is made of steel plate die punching, which is the same as the placement principle of the feeder platform of the placement machine FEEDER platform, and realizes perfect four-point positioning. The top adopts a large arc to avoid acute angles. The design is divided into upper and lower layers. After the feeder is installed, it is stable and beautiful, and it is equipped with a grounding chain, which is effective in anti-static;

Specializing in the manufacture of various types of Feeder placement vehicles and loading seats, including FUJI, YAMAHA, SAMSUNG, SANYO, SONY, PANASERT, Universal, PHILIPS, SIEMENS, JUKI, etc.


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