Semi-automatic PCB Manual Soldering Machine

Semi-automatic PCB Manual Soldering Machine


Semi-automatic PCB Manual Soldering Machine

  • PLC Control with HMI touch screen.
  • 24V high-frequency soldering station.
  • Aluminum material base.
  • Step motor for solder wire feeding.
  • ESD design.
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Semi-automatic PCB Manual Soldering Machine from SZtech SMT to provide a high-efficient way of the soldering process. It can solve some problems of small soldering.

Main specifications of Semi-automatic PCB Manual Soldering Machine

Model SZ-688-SZ
Power 350W
Output voltage 40V, 400KHZ
Temperature range 50℃-600℃ (can be selected according to the working mode)
Maximum environment temperature/ humidity 40℃/70%
Temperature stability ±2°C (Static air, no loading)
Weight 15 KG
Machine size 410*350*500 MM
Material Integrated aluminum alloy


  1. The Semi-automatic PCB Manual Soldering Machine is widely used in the field of wire harness welding, data cable USB, microUSB, miniUSB, Apple head, Type-c, HDMI plug docking, motor wire, and wire harness welding. PCB LED lights/light strips/light boards. Welding of electronic components, switches, adjustable resistors, electronic cigarettes, rectifier bridges, waterproof connectors, and other connectors.
  2. The welding field is widely applicable, and the debugging and installation are easy to learn
  3. HZ-338H, a 4.3-inch PLC touch screen all-in-one machine is adopted, with timely and reliable response and anti-interference. The support system is continuously updated.
  4. The soldering machine is divided into two versions: electric and pneumatic. The system can support free switching between the two versions at the same time.
  5. The cleaning tip mode can also support free switching for different needs.
  6. After the parameters are messed up due to improper operation, the default parameters can be restored to the factory data, and the factory settings can be restored easily.

Safety Precautions During Operation:

1. During the operation of the machine, do not put your hands or other hard objects in the moving area, so as not to hurt your hands or damage the equipment.
2. When the machine is being debugged, it needs to be debugged when the machine is in the manual state.
3. When not in use, please turn off the power, gas source, and soldering station.


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