Semi-automatic Screwdriver For Assembly

Semi-automatic Screwdriver For Assembly

Semi-automatic Screwdriver

  • Automatic feeding
  • Smart control
  • Big screw compartment
  • Automatic counting
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Semi-automatic Screwdriver

Main specifications:

Product model SZ2800S
Product size 410*163*266.5mm
Product weight about 15kg
Screw length within 20mm
Applicable screw M2.0~M5.0
Input voltage DC24V
Output speed 60~75PCS/min
Nut size 3.0~8.0, tolerance within ±0.15mm

What is a Semi-automatic Screwdriver?

The hand-held push-pull screw machine is mainly used to solve the problem of screw locking under special circumstances such as deep-hole screws, and there are many obstacles around the screw holes and holes of the opposite sex. Kai is mainly composed of air blowing nail feeding machine, an electric screwdriver, and a lock payment system, which can realize automatic screening, arrangement, and delivery of screws, eliminating the need to take the screws back and forth. The operator only needs to find the screw hole and press down when operating.

The difference from the push-down type (conventional hand-held screw machine) is the locking system structure. By using a special push-pull device instead of the sliding sleeve, the screw at the jaw is pushed out by the screwdriver, and the locking effect is the same as that of the screwdriver. , to avoid the shielding of the screw due to the excessive size of the clamp, especially for the deep hole screw and the shielding around the screw hole.

Scope of application of hand-held push-pull screw machine
The push-pull type adopts the blowing type automatic feeding method, which needs to meet the screw conveying requirements, that is, the total length of the screw is greater than 1.2 times the diameter of the screw head;
The push-pull type requires the screwdriver head to push out the screw, which is held by the magnetic force of the screwdriver head, and the screw material is required to be iron.

The basic operation of a Semi-automatic Screwdriver.

1. Turn on the power, connect the air source, and adjust the torque.
2. Pour the screws into the screw silo, the amount of screws should not exceed the height of the screw conveying track.
3. Before locking the screw for the first time, check whether there is a screw waiting to be locked in the nose of the electric batch.
4. If there is no screw waiting to be locked on the nose of the electric batch, you need to press the manual screw feeding button to make the machine move twice to ensure that there is a screw on the lock mouth of the electric batch waiting to lock the screw.
5. After ensuring that the adjustment button of the electric screwdriver is at the position of locking the screw, hold the electric screwdriver with one hand and hold the workpiece to be locked with the other hand, align the screw hole, and press down the locking screw.
6. After the electric batch reaches the preset torque and stops automatically, lift the electric batch to lock the second screw.

Confirm process:

Confirm the feasibility of the equipment: the customer provides the screw specifications and product pictures, and our technical staff confirms the feasibility of the locking payment plan, confirms the plan according to the customer’s products and screws, and provides a real quotation.
The customer needs to provide 500 screw samples and several product samples for equipment design, production debugging, post-test, etc.


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