Small Solder Dross Recovery Machine SDR-10

tin solder dross recovery machine (2)
tin solder dross recovery machine

Small Solder Dross Recovery Machine SDR-10


Small Solder Dross Recovery Machine

· The reduction rate of solder dross is 80-90% (depending on the solder content).
· No need to add any chemicals, the product itself can separate high-quality solder.
· Button control, digital display temperature control table for accurate temperature control.
· All stainless steel cabinets, easy to clean.
· The mixing zone is made of special 316 stainless steel material,
· External heat pipe heating can completely melt the solder dross.
· Solder dross feeding system adopts screw feeding.
· Electronic liquid level alarm, manual solder release.
· Tin and tin ash are automatically separated and enter the tin and tin ash collection device respectively.
· Small size, lightweight, and easy to move.

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Small Solder Dross Recovery Machine

Small Solder Dross Recovery Machine Specifications:

Items Parameter
Motor power 120 W
Mixing Capacity ~60KG
Temperature Scope 25~350°C
Heating up time 50MIN
Feeding time Continuous30~40kg/15min
Dimension 760*(L) 620(W)*780(H)
Total Power Consumption 4.2 KW
Normal running power 2 KW
Power 220V 50Hz
Net Weight Appro*80kg

Background of this machine:

Solder dross itself has a high Solder content, but it is difficult to be reused because of the Sn-Cu aluminum alloy that produces silicide. The generation of Solder slag has its inevitable trend and is also cyclical. It can be minimized by paying attention to various procedures in the production work.
Solder slag: The solder wire is in a molten state during wave soldering, and it is inevitable that its surface will be oxidized and converted into some slag with other chemical elements (mainly Cu), but it is necessary to use wave soldering equipment properly And immediate removal is also very important to reduce Solder dross.
Solder slag recycling, that is, waste disposal: is the simplest, most convenient, and most expensive solution. You can contact a professional Solder slag recycler to solve it.
Immediately exchange Solder bars with the manufacturer: most of the rights and interests are given to the manufacturers who exchange Solder bars. If you accidentally mix lead and non-heavy metals together during storage or transportation, the price will be far apart, and the exchange rate will naturally be very low!

Use the Solder slag recovery machine:

The Solder slag recovery machine has relatively simple equipment. Most of them are heated to melt the solder wire into a liquid and use force to separate the liquid solder wire from the metal oxide. Metal oxides are not easily melted. Because the physical reduction method is used, it is impossible for the oxidized Solder slag to be recovered into Solder. Everyone sees the so-called recovered solder, but it is pure mixed with the Solder slag when grasping the Solder slag. It’s all about Solder, high temperature, pressure and the friction of the recovery machine at work will, on the contrary, re-oxidize the pure Solder mixed with the Solder slag when it is caught. Occupies space, requires full-time personnel to operate, consumes power, is noisy, and the whole process of fishing, transportation, storage, and restoration is complicated, which increases management costs. When the recovery rate itself is not high, deducting the rent of equipment space + rent of storage space + staff wages + water and electricity costs + equipment investment, etc., is not as good as directly exchanging Solder bars with the manufacturer! Common sense: All metal oxides can only be restored by ion or molecular replacement, that is, organic chemical replacement reaction. The physical recovery method is unlikely to carry out the oxidation reaction.

Use antioxidant oil or antioxidant

use it to cover the surface of molten metal to block it from air to reduce oxidation. The key to Solder slag is formed when the wave soldering Solder flows back to the Solder tank again, and the Solder slag covering the surface of the molten Solder can also block the gas to reduce the formation of Solder slag! Use is better than no use!
Reconstituted powder or oxidant: Most of them are inorganic metal salts, and most of them have certain corrosion on metals. Big smoke, big smell, big dust, or accompanied by sparks, may cause fire or may block the nozzle, bringing certain difficulties to equipment maintenance. Because it has a certain conductivity, once it accidentally sticks to the PCB, it is difficult to clean it off, and it will affect the electrical characteristics of the product and the reliability of spot welding!


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