Small Wave Soldering Machine Low Cost

Small Wave Soldering Machine Low Cost


Small Wave Soldering Machine, low cost and lead-free solution for soldering process after DIP process.

  • Automatic conveying power system and automatic synchronous board feeding function.
  • The wave soldering machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can independently control the peak height.
  • Flux spraying system using scanning nozzles, Japanese nozzles, rodless cylinders, and PLC control, accurate and reliable.
  • The machine is controlled by PLC to ensure the reliability and stability of the system.
  • With a long-distance infrared ceramic heating tube preheating device, the heat is directly radiated to the bottom of the circuit board, the heat speed is fast and the flux is fully activated.
  • Special alloy conveyor chain claws, and non-stick tin, to ensure the quality of PCB board soldering.
  • The tin furnace is independently controlled by imported high-frequency variable frequency motors, with stable performance.
  • The self-designed lead-free solder wave soldering machine is environmentally friendly, safe, and easy to clean.
  • The preheating system adopts three-way independent temperature control to ensure excellent thermal insulation performance and high temperature.
  • The time is controllable, the switch function can be preset, and the wave soldering machine can be heated within 90 minutes.
  • Reasonable design and sensitive fail-safe alarm systems ensure stable performance and safety of operators.
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Small Wave Soldering Machine Low Cost From SZTech is a lost cost Wave Soldering Machine solution for the DIP process. It is also Lead-free.

Main Specifications of Small Wave Soldering

Model No N200
Number of heating zones 1
Length of heating zones 500mm
Body size 1400*1200*1600
Outside dimension 2100*1200*1600
Weight 500KG
Component lead Within 10 mm
Total/running power 9KW/3-5KW
Air supply 0.5MPa
Preheating method IR(standard)
Preheating power 220V 5KW
Control  method Press key +PLC(Option: touch screen, PC)
Range of temp. control Room temperature—300ºC
Preheating time About 10-15mins for setting 150ºC
Solder type Lead-free / Sn-Pb
Solder pot capacity 180KG
Solder pot temperature 300ºC
Solder power 380V 6KW
Solder temp. control method PID&SSR
Wave crest drive power 500W 220V
Warm-up time of solder About 120mins for setting 250ºC
PCB  width 200mm
Convey  speed 300-1800mm/min
Convey  direction L→R (R→L optional)
Convey   angle 4-7 º
Flux pressure 3-5 bar
Flux capacity 3.2L

Advantages of a low-cost small wave soldering machine:

  • The economical and power-saving type is suitable for various lead-free and leaded processes. The noise of the equipment is below 60 decibels, and the exhaust gas filtration and recovery system meets the environmental protection requirements of the 5S dust-free workshop.
  • Automatic positioning spray and tin spraying, stepping motor/rodless cylinder drive spraying, anti-oxidation tin spray port design, reducing the consumption of electricity and auxiliary materials by 25% year-on-year.
  • The closed-loop control of the transportation system accurately controls the preheating and welding time of the PCB board.
  • The jet wave crest can make the shadow part of the SMD component welded flawlessly.
  • Advective wave peak tin slag oxidation amount is very little, and hump laminar flow wave makes the solder joint tend to be perfect.
  • The 800mm two-stage hot air preheating zone can evenly and quickly raise the temperature of the PCB board, and the quick-release straight-pull design is convenient for maintenance.
  • Adjustable isolating air knife prevents flux from entering the preheating box to ensure production safety.
  • Tin furnace automatic entry and exit function, easy maintenance.


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