Solder Dross Recovery Machine SDR-60

tin solder dross recovery machine (2)
tin solder dross recovery machine

Solder Dross Recovery Machine SDR-60


Solder Dross Recovery Machine

· The reduction rate of solder dross is 80-90% (depending on the solder content).
· No need to add any chemicals, the product itself can separate high-quality solder.
· Button control, digital display temperature control table for accurate temperature control.
· All stainless steel cabinets, easy to clean.
· The mixing zone is made of special 316 stainless steel material,
· External heat pipe heating can completely melt the solder dross.
· Solder dross feeding system adopts screw feeding.
· Electronic liquid level alarm, manual solder release.
· Tin and tin ash are automatically separated and enter the tin and tin ash collection device respectively.
· Small size, lightweight, and easy to move.

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Solder dross recovery machine

Solder Dross Recovery Machine Specifications:

Items Parameter
Motor power 120 W
Mixing Capacity ~60KG
Temperature Scope 25~350°C
Heating up time 50MIN
Feeding time Continuous30~40kg/15min
Dimension 760*(L) 620(W)*780(H)
Total Power Consumption 4.2 KW
Normal running power 2 KW
Power 220V 50Hz
Net Weight Appro*80kg

Background of this machine:

In the electronics industry, especially in the production of circuit boards, a large amount of solder paste is used to assemble various electronic components. There are thousands of solder joints on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). During wave soldering, a large area of high-temperature solder is exposed to the air, which will produce more oxides and flux residues. These oxides and flux residues If the substance is not removed in time, it is easy to follow the liquid tin into the wave peak and contact the PCB board, which is prone to welding defects such as bridging and virtual soldering, which will affect the quality of solder joints. The oxides and residues removed from wave soldering contain a large amount of tin, which can be completely recycled. At present, PCB manufacturers usually place or sell these oxides and residues to solder manufacturers.
Solder manufacturers use a tin slag reduction machine to extract pure tin from the tin slag. This tin slag reduction machine includes a melting device for melting the tin slag and a separation device for pure tin in the molten slag. The molten tin slag in the device flows into the separation device, and a crushing and stirring blade is set in the separation device to stir, so that pure tin is deposited at the bottom, and various waste slags float on the surface, and then the waste slag is manually fished away, leaving pure tin Tin, that is, complete the reduction and recovery of pure tin. Since this kind of tin slag reduction machine uses manual fishing for waste slag, the labor intensity of workers is high, and the efficiency is low, which is not conducive to the rapid and large-scale recovery of tin from tin slag.


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