Stainless Metal PCB Magazine For SMT

Stainless Metal PCB Magazine For SMT


Stainless Metal PCB Magazine

  • The size is customizable! Can customize to meet all sizes you need!
  • High surface resistance.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • High-strength stainless metal material.
  • Aluminum profile as the frame.
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Stainless Metal PCB Magazine from SZTech SMT can be highly customized according to the real situations of production.

It is made of stainless metal material, which is high-strength and life-long.

Main specifications of The Stainless Metal PCB Magazine

ESD Magazine Rack
External Size 460*400*563 mm Adjustable Type Gear/Screw
Width 5 mm Depth 3.5 mm
Pitch 10 mm PCB Slot 50
Adjustable Width 50-330 Surface resistance 10^5~10^9 Ω
Side Board Structure 5 Sheets Base Material Metal
Temperature resistance 100/120/150ºC Weight 8.8 kg

Table of standard PCB Magazine size information and PCB size information. (The size of it can be customized!)

Magazine Size PCB Size
355*320*565 mm 350L*(50~250W) mm
460*400*565 mm 460L*(50~330W) mm
535*460*565 mm 530L*(50~390W) mm
535*530*565 mm 530L*(50~460W) mm

The advantage of stainless metal material:

1. Environmental protection and sanitation: eliminate red water, blue-green water, and hidden water problems, no peculiar smell, and no harmful substances precipitated to keep the water quality pure, lead-free, and harmless to human health.
2. Wear resistance: the surface is beautiful, clean and bright, durable, scratch-free, never rusty, and never broken.
3. Low-temperature resistance: kitchen and bathroom stainless steel pipes and faucet angle valves will never break.
4. Excellent thermal expansion performance and heat preservation performance: stainless steel pipe has slow thermal expansion and cold contraction, and good heat preservation performance.


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