Wave Soldering Machine Manufacturers N350 DIP

Wave Soldering Machine Manufacturers N350 DIP


Wave Soldering Machine Manufacturers

  • Automatic conveying system.
  • Wave height can be controlled.
  • Controlled by PLC.
  • High heating speed.
  • Special alloy conveyor chain claws.
  • High-frequency and variable frequency motors.
  • Lead-free soldering.
  • The time is controllable.
  • Automatic paw cleaning function.
  • High security.
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Wave Soldering Machine Manufacturers SZTech-SMT model N350 for DIP process after wave infeed conveyor.

Main specifications:





General specification

Weight: Approximately:1300kg
Start-Up Power: Approx 20KW
Normal running power:6-8 KW
Power supply :3ph,AC380V/220V 50HZ
Control systems: PC With Windows 7+PLC
PCB counter





Conveyor systems

PCB Max Width: 350mm
Direction: Left to Right, Front Fix(R to L)
Titanium Alloy V shape Finger
300mm PCB loading buffer at the entrance
Speed control method: Motor(Panasonic)
PCB Component Height” Top 120mm bottom:15mm




Spay Flux Systems

Stepper motor drive reciprocating Spray
7-UP ST-8 Nozzles
The capacity of Flux is 6.5/liter
Flux auto Feeding (Option)
Spary air pressure:3-5bar
Modular structure for easy maintenance


Heating system

Heating zones: Bottom 3 zones,
The Length of heating zones:1600mm
Heating method: Forces hot air /
Heating zones modularization easy to maintenance


Solder pot

The capacity of the solder pot: is 450KG
Two waves: Turbulence Wave and Lambda 2nd Wave
Materials: Titanium alloy (Op: Cast iron enamel)
Auto Solder Pot Moving (go in, go out )
Cleaning Finger systems.

Wave Soldering Machine Manufacturers

1. High efficiency, energy saving, lead-free, environmental protection, safety New design, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.
2. Automatic power supply system, frequency converter control, and automatic board input system.
3. The flux spraying system adopts scanning nozzles, Japanese nozzles, and rodless cylinders, controlled by PLC, which is accurate and reliable.
4. The preheating system adopts three-way independent temperature control, which has good heat preservation, and uniform temperature, and the temperature difference does not exceed ±2°C.
5. Special alloy conveyor chain claws, and non-stick tin, to ensure the quality of PCB board welding.
6. The tin furnace is independently controlled by imported high-frequency variable frequency motors, with stable performance.
7. Self-designed lead-free solder furnace, environmental protection, and safety, easy to clean.
8. The tin furnace preheating furnace is controlled by high-speed PID and 2 independent infrared heating (IR heating).
9. The time is controllable, the switch function can be preset, and the tin furnace can be heated within 90 minutes.
10. With the black box memory function, the machine can store production management records at any time to improve work efficiency.
11. The automatic paw cleaning function ensures the cleanliness of the paws.
12. Reasonable design and sensitive fail-safe alarm system ensure stable performance and safety of operators.



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