What are the sizes and thicknesses of SMT patch steel mesh (template)?

SMT patch stencil is also called SMT patch template. Its main function is to accurately print solder paste through the mesh to the corresponding position on the PCB. Steel mesh consists of a mesh frame, wire mesh, and steel sheet. The SMT patch stencil production process can be divided into three methods: chemical etching, laser cutting, and electroforming.

1. SMT patch steel mesh size

Manually printed SMT patch stencil sizes: 300*400mm, 420*520mm, 370*470mm. Recommendation: This SMT patch stencil size is suitable for semi-automatic printing machines. It is not recommended for fully automatic printing machines.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic SMT patch stencil sizes: 520*520mm, 500*600mm, 550*650mm, 584*584mm, 736*736mm

2. SMT patch steel mesh thickness

SMT patch stencil solder paste process: 0.08mm 0.1mm 0.12mm 0.13mm 0.15mm 0.18mm 0.2mm 0.25mm

SMT patch steel mesh red glue process: 0.15mm 0.18mm 0.2mm 0.25mm

3. Suggestions for opening SMT patch steel mesh

1. The size of the SMT patch steel mesh must first be determined according to the size of the PCB board, and secondly according to the component pin density. ICs with a pitch of ≤0.5mm are mounted on the surface of the PCB. It is recommended to set up a fully automatic printing size stencil, because the larger the stencil, the better the tension and the better the demoulding effect.

2. The thickness of the SMT patch steel mesh should be determined according to the layout of the components on the PCB surface and the densest IC spacing. For ICs ≤0.5 and below and mostly made of 0402 materials, it is recommended to install a steel mesh with a thickness of 0.1mm. For ICs ≥0.5mm and above and mostly made of 0603 materials, it is recommended to install a steel mesh with a thickness of 0.12mm.

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