Reasons and solutions for SMT machine flying materials

SMT machine flying materials

Abstract: In the process of SMT placement, how to improve production efficiency is a common topic, and SMT placement machine flying is an important factor affecting production efficiency. The so-called material flying means that during the operation of the placement machine, the suction nozzle of the placement head does not pick up the components on the PCB board, but discards the materials to the material flying box. Or the material is not picked up to perform the flying action, which wastes the effective placement period. flying materials will affect the production progress of the entire assembly line and problems such as product clearance and less material. To maximize production capacity, engineers constantly optimize equipment parameters and processes. Below, SZTech-SMT will introduce the reasons and countermeasures for SMT placement machine flying.

The main reasons and countermeasures for the flying of mounted components:

Reason 1. The aperture of the suction nozzle of the placement head is blocked, and the air pressure supply of the suction components is insufficient, causing the suction components to be skewed or not to absorb materials, and the materials are thrown out due to wrong judgments through image recognition. Countermeasures: Clean the suction nozzle and follow the equipment maintenance record sheet to reduce equipment operation failures.

Reason 2. The size of the suction nozzle is wrongly set in the parameter setting of components. Generally, large components will be selected with small aperture nozzles. The suction force is smaller than the total amount of components, resulting in insufficient suction and flying. Countermeasure: Change the equipment parameters and select the appropriate nozzle for the corresponding components.

Reason 3. The equipment recognition vision system is not good, and the recognition lens has dust that interferes with the correct recognition of components. The brightness adjustment in the set parameters is unreasonable, resulting in insufficient black-and-white contrast of components. Countermeasures: Use a dust-free cloth and alcohol to wipe the dust on the surface of the identification lens. Reset the brightness or replace the component package.

Reason 4. Absorption position problem. The position of the suction nozzle to pick up the component is not at the center of the component’s surface, resulting in a large error in the image recognition range and causing the material flying. The pickup height is not set correctly. Countermeasure: Adjust the coordinate position of the suction component. Reset the pick-up height, and generally set the pick-up height to -0.5mm for tape materials.

Reason 5. Insufficient air pressure of the equipment causes the components to fail to absorb or fall off during the movement of the placement head. Countermeasures: Adjust the air pressure value of the equipment to 0.42-0.45Mpa.

Reason 6. The component parameters are set incorrectly during program editing, resulting in recognition errors and material throwing. Countermeasures: Modify the component parameters and set the best component parameter values.

Reason 7. Problems with materials supplied by customers or purchased by the company, deformation or oxidation of component pins. Countermeasures: Before chip processing, IQC should do a good job of testing the incoming materials, and contact the supplier in time for replacement.

Reason 8. There is a problem with the feeder, and the pushed material is magnetic or deformed. Countermeasures: Replace the feeder, label the bad feeder, and repair and replace parts in time to avoid the next use.

Summary of SMT machine flying materials

The above reasons are the common problem of chipping machine flying and improvement countermeasures in actual SMT placement. In general, we can divide the problem of flying into three categories for step-by-step analysis, placement equipment, components, and program parameters.

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