How to maintain SMT machine?

SMT machine maintenance

How to maintain an SMT machine?

Abstract: The placement machine is the core and most important equipment in the entire SMT placement process. Whether the placement machine works normally directly affects the efficiency and quality of the entire production line. Therefore, the equipment should be by the daily, Weekly, and monthly maintenance records used for maintenance to ensure the stability of the placement machine and the accuracy of placement processing. At the same time, we must pay attention to safety matters in the daily use of equipment to ensure the normal operation of the machine and protect personal safety. The following sztech-smt will introduce to you the maintenance and precautions required for the SMT placement machine during use and operation.

Daily SMT machine maintenance:

1. Use a dust-free cloth to clean the dust on the surface of the SMT chip processing equipment and the track transmission sensor probe, clean the impurities and bulk materials on the feeder base and clean the waste box.

2. The air pressure value of the testing equipment is 0.42-0.45MP.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the scattered components on the workbench inside the placement machine.

Weekly SMT machine maintenance:

1. PCB transmission track impurities cleaning.

2. Use a dust-free cloth to wipe the dust from the glass cover of the component identification camera.

3. Use a white cloth strip to wipe off the old oil on the PCB retaining rod cylinder, belt shaft, upper and lower shafts of the workbench, and width adjustment wires, and reapply an appropriate amount of butter.

4. Clean the suction nozzle with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Monthly SMT machine maintenance:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the distribution box, if necessary, clean the equipment control board, and use alcohol to wipe the gold finger of the control board, dry it with an air gun, and then install it in the main box.

2. Clean the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis lubricating oil, and inject an appropriate amount of new lubricating oil. It is recommended to use the TDK brand.

3. Clean the vacuum part of the placement head, clean the Z-axis vacuum rod with alcohol, and blow it off.

Safety Note Top:

1. Technical personnel set the authority password, and non-engineering technical personnel is prohibited from changing the parameters of the program and machine equipment.

2. During the operation or production process of the SMT placement machine, be careful not to let any part of the body get close to the moving axis and range of motion of the machine.

3. If an emergency occurs during the operation of the machine, the on-site personnel should immediately press the emergency stop button and notify the technician or engineer immediately.

4. When turning on and off the machine, it is necessary to check and remove the foreign matter inside the equipment, especially the IC device on the panel.

5. Before the SMT placement machine works, it is necessary to confirm that all materials and other objects inside the placement machine cannot be higher than the placement head to ensure that no collision of the placement head occurs.

6. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the feeder during the working process of the equipment, it is easy to crash the feeder or mount the head parts.

7. When maintaining the inside of the equipment, it is strictly forbidden to use an air gun to blow, to prevent components from flying down on the circuit board of the equipment, which may easily cause a short circuit and burn out the board.

* Personnel without prior training are strictly prohibited to operate the equipment. Operators, technicians, and engineers must strictly follow the equipment operation process guidelines, otherwise, it may cause equipment damage or endanger personal safety.


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