SMT program programming steps for placement machine engineers

SMT is widely used in various fields of electronics. SMT products have the advantages of compact structure, small size, vibration resistance, and high production efficiency. The most important equipment is the placement machine. So do you know how engineers program SMT programs on the placement machine?

1. Edit the optimized product program on the SMT placement machine

① Call out the optimized program.

② Make the Image image of the PCB Mark and local Mark.

③ Make images for components that have not been imaged and register them in the image library.

④ Register unregistered components in the component library.

⑤ For multi-tube vibration feeders with unreasonable discharge, redistribute them according to the length of the device body, and try to arrange devices with similar device body lengths on the same material rack: hold the material station tightly, and try not to have idle material stations in the middle, so as to shorten the distance of picking up components.

⑥ Change the multi-pin, narrow-pitch devices with larger dimensions in the program, such as QFP with more than 160 pins, large-size PLCC, BGA, and long sockets, to Single Pickup mode, which can improve the placement accuracy.

⑦ Save to check if there is any error information, modify the program according to the error information, until there is no error information after saving.

2. Proofread and back up the placement program

① According to the component list in the PCBA process file, check whether the component name, position number, and model specification of each step in the program is correct, and correct the incorrect parts according to the process file.

② Check whether the components on each feeder station of the placement machine are consistent with the pick-up program table.

③ Use the main camera on the placement machine to check whether the X and Y coordinates of the components in each step are consistent with the center of the component on the PCB, and check whether the angle Θ is correct by comparing it with the component position diagram in the process file, and correct the incorrect parts. (If this step is not performed, it can be corrected according to the actual placement deviation after the first SMT placement)

④ Copy the completely correct product program to the backup U disk for storage.

⑤ Production can only be carried out after proofreading and checking that it is completely correct.

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