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Operation Of Wave Soldering Machine, Let’s take a look at the detailed operation process of wave soldering.

Preparation for wave soldering:

  • Turn on the power and turn on the heater of the tin furnace (under normal circumstances, this item can be controlled by a time switch);
  • Check whether the time switch of the wave soldering machine is normal;
  • Check whether the exhaust equipment of the wave soldering machine is intact;
  • Check whether the temperature indication of the tin furnace is normal: use a glass thermometer or a contact thermometer to measure the temperature of l0 ~ 15mm below the liquid surface of the tin furnace, and the difference between the two should be within 5°C.
  • Check whether the preheater is normal and whether the set temperature meets the process requirements: turn on the switch of the preheater, check whether the temperature rises and whether the temperature is normal.
  • Check the working condition of the foot cutter: adjust the height of the blade according to the thickness of the PCB, and the length of the component foot is required to be 14 ~ 20 mm, then tighten the knife holder, start the machine, visually check the rotation of the blade, and then check the safety whether the device is malfunctioning.
  • Check whether the compressed air supply in the flux container is normal: pour in flux, adjust the intake valve, and check whether the flux is foamed or sprayed out after starting the machine.
  • Check whether the specific gravity of the flux adjustment meets the requirements: check the liquid level of the flux tank and measure the specific gravity. When the specific gravity is high, the diluent is added, and when the specific gravity is low, flux is added for adjustment (foaming).
  • When the solder temperature reaches the specified value, check the height of the tin surface. If it is lower than l5mm of the tin furnace, the solder should be added in time. Pay attention to adding in batches, each batch should not exceed 5k9.
  • Remove the tin slag on the tin surface, and add antioxidants after cleaning.
  • Adjust the angle of the conveying track: adjust the track width according to the width of the PCB board to be welded, so that the clamping force on the PCB board is moderate; 

Wave soldering start-up production operation process:

  • Turn on the flux switch. When foaming, adjust the thickness of the foam board by 1/2; when spraying, it is required that the board surface is even and the spraying amount is appropriate. It is not suitable to spray the surface of the component.
  • Adjust the air volume of the air knife to make the excess flux on the board drip back into the foaming tank, so as to avoid dripping on the preheater and causing a fire;
  • Turn on the transmission switch and adjust the transmission speed to the desired value;
  • Turn on the cooling fan.

The management method of the wave soldering process:

  • Operators must stick to their posts and check the operation of the equipment at any time;
  • The operator should check the quality of the welded plate. If the solder joints are abnormal, stop the machine immediately and check:
  • Timely and accurately record the original records of equipment operation and specific data records of solder joint quality;
  • The soldered PCB boards should be inserted into the special transport boxes respectively, and should not touch and stack each other.

Operation process after wave soldering:

  • Turn off the switches of the preheater, flux, transport, cooling fan, foot cutter, etc.
  • The flux in the foam tank needs to be replaced after about two weeks of use, and it should be measured regularly during use;
  • Clean the wave turbine and chain claws after shutdown, and soak the nozzle in diluent for cleaning.
  • The wave soldering picker should record the process parameters such as tin furnace temperature, preheating temperature, and flux-specific gravity. Every 2 hours, spot-check 10pcs machine boards every hour, check and record the quality of solder joints, and provide original records for process quality control.

Above is the Operation Of Wave Soldering Machine.

sztech-smt smd PCB small wave soldering machine N200

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