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wave soldering machine maintenance

Wave soldering machine maintenance. When the equipment runs long, the solidified rosin oil, flux, and other organic chemical or inorganic pollutants adhere to it. In order to better avoid the secondary pollution of the PCB and ensure the smooth implementation of the process, it is necessary to maintain and clean the machine equipment accessories on time. Usually, it is carried out on a regular basis according to the specific conditions of production and manufacturing, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. The relevant content is for reference:

The main content of daily maintenance:

1. Remove the residue in the tin pool, collect all the tin slag on the tin surface with a tin spoon, and add reducing powder to reduce the broken tin in the tin slag; after the above process is completed, put the tin Return the furnace. 2. Use a rag dipped in glass water to clean the inside and outside of the protective glass. 3. Use a hand brush dipped in detergent to clean the dirt on the chain claws, and use a bamboo stick to clean the dirt hidden between the chain claws and the black sheet. Cleaning 4. Remove the filter in the spray hood and clean it with detergent

The main contents of the weekly maintenance:

1. Remove the wave parts of the tin furnace; 2. Use a clean rag to wipe the input end and PCB sensor clean; 3. Wipe off the dirty lubricating oil of the two-wave solder pump bearings Use an oil gun to press new oil into the bearing through oil spray; 4. Remove the exhaust hoses in the rosin oil and heating areas, and clean the internal structure of the rosin oil and other dirt. 5. Clean the fuselage shell, base, inner furnace wall, Rosin oil cylinder, and claw washing.

The main content of monthly maintenance:

1. Remove the rosin oil nozzle slide rail and position distance sensor, and apply new lubricating oil to the slide rail; 2. Remove the cooling fan on the control cabinet and replace the isolation grid 3. Add new lubricating oil to the transmission chain; clean the transmission chain to rotate the motor and the net cover; 4. Remove the rosin oil nozzle and check the internal structure of the sealing rubber ring for damage; Remove the wave generator, clean the tin slag and other dirt at the lower end of the tin pump, the dirty lubricating oil of the bearing, clean the motor net cover, and press the new oil nozzle into the bearing with an oil gun.

The main content of wave soldering quarterly maintenance:

1. Remove the overall transmission chain or chain claw, wash it with detergent, reinstall it, and add lubricating oil; the disassembly process is as follows: remove the transmission chain and put it on Commonly used connecting chains, remove the tensioning gear parts at the input end, and drag the entire transmission chain out from the output end; 2. Reinstall after cleaning

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