The importance of a standardized BOM in PCBA processing

When electronic products are produced and processed by SMT patch factories every time, the patch factory requires customers to provide a BOM, and now basically requires the BOM to be standardized and complete.

BOM refers to the bill of materials. Before PCBA processing, customers will be required to provide the latest BOM. The BOM contains all the electronic components and other materials required to produce this product. PCBA processing manufacturers need to purchase materials for customers according to this BOM for production. At the same time, the financial department will also calculate the production cost according to the BOM, and the manufacturing department will regard the BOM as an important basis for production. Therefore, a standardized BOM is very important.

A standardized BOM should include material code, material name, material specification, quantity, unit, etc., and can clearly and intuitively see the specifications and quantity of each material.

Many BOMs provided by domestic electronic engineers lack precise definitions of material brands and manufacturer codes, or the manufacturer codes lack some suffixes, resulting in PCBA processing factories selecting conventional series materials by default. In many cases, IC series with different suffixes may represent subtle differences in application scope, packaging method, rated voltage and current, and packaging. This non-standard BOM may cause the manufactured PCBA board to have some functional failures or failures in specific application environments, which is extremely difficult to troubleshoot. In view of this, it is highly recommended that electronic engineers standardize the brand, manufacturer code, product name description, and packaging of each material, which is extremely important. In this process, you can refer to public platforms such as Digikey and Mouser.

Because the R&D and production of electronic products are iteratively updated, they will continuously upgrade and optimize products. In this process, the BOM table will also be updated. Even the material will have an immeasurable impact on the product. Therefore, after each update, the old BOM table must be marked as an expired document and sealed and stopped. In order to ensure the orderly management of version models, the release and online use of the product’s BOM list must be issued by the R&D department, and at least it must be signed and confirmed by the R&D engineer and the head of the R&D department at each level to ensure the correctness of the BOM list. Then, you should contact the PCBA manufacturer in time and provide the new BOM to the PCBA manufacturer to avoid the situation where the BOM is updated but the product is still purchased and produced according to the old BOM.

Therefore, a standardized BOM is extremely important for material procurement, PCBA production, ERP system entry, and financial cost accounting.

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