What are the Advantages and disadvantages of BGA at SMT

Advantages and disadvantages of BGA at SMT


At present, there are many packaging styles for SMT chip components, and each has its own advantages. For example, the more mainstream packaging methods include BGA packaging, SOP packaging, QFN packaging, PLCC packaging, SSOP packaging, and QFP packaging. So today SZTech-SMT will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the current mainstream BGA package for SMT placement.

Advantages of the BGA package

1. BGA is small in size and large in memory capacity. For the same memory IC with the same capacity, the BGA volume is only one-third of the SOP package.

2. The package pins of QFP and SOP are distributed around the body. When there are many pins, the spacing is reduced to a certain extent, and the pins are easy to deform and bend. However, the BGA solder balls are at the bottom of the package, and the spacing increases instead, greatly improving the yield.

3. The electrical performance is good, the BGA pins are very short, the lead wires are replaced by solder balls, and the signal path is short. Reduced lead inductance and capacitance, enhanced electrical performance.

4. Good heat dissipation, the spherical contact array forms a gap with the contact surface of the substrate, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the body.

5. The BGA body and the PCB board have good coplanarity, which can effectively ensure welding quality.

Disadvantages of the BGA package

1. The quality inspection and maintenance after BGA soldering is difficult, and X-Ray perspective inspection must be used to ensure the electrical performance of the soldered connection. The naked eye and AOI cannot judge the inspection quality.

2. The BGA pins are at the bottom of the body, which can easily cause soldering shadow effects, so the requirements for the soldering temperature curve are relatively high. It is necessary to monitor the actual welding temperature in real-time.

3. The individual solder joints of the BGA pins are poorly soldered. The entire BGA must be removed and re-planted, and then the second patch soldering. Affect the pass rate and electrical performance.

4. The BGA package is very reliable. Compared with the QFP with 20mil spacing, BGA has no pins that can be bent and broken. The soldering is firm. Generally, if you want to remove the BGA package, you must use the BGA rework station to remove it at high temperatures.

The above content concerns the advantages and disadvantages of BGA packaging shared by SZTech-SMT for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. To learn more about SMT chip processing, please visit www.sztech-smt.com

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