What are the factors that affect the efficiency of SMT production?

Factors that affect SMT production speed

Abstract: During the SMT pick and place process, the work efficiency of the placement machine determines the production capacity of the entire assembly line, so what affects the working speed of the placement machine? Taking the cantilever mounter as an example, SZTech-SMT will briefly explain it below, and hope it will be helpful to you!

Mounting cycle

The placement cycle refers to the time it takes for the equipment placement head to start counting when the Feeder picks up the components, after image detection of the components, the cantilever moves to the corresponding position, the working axis places the components into the PCB board, and then returns to the Feeder feeding position. It is a placement cycle; the time used in the placement cycle is also the most basic parameter value affecting the speed of the placement machine. The placement cycle of high-speed cantilever placement machines for mounting resistance-capacitance components is generally within 1.0s. At present, SMT placement The cycle of the highest speed cantilever mounter in the chip processing industry is about 0.5s; the cycle of mounting large ICs, BGAs, connectors, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors is about 2s.

Factors affecting the placement cycle:

1) The synchronization rate of picking up components (that is, multiple linkage rods of a placement head rise and fall at the same time to pick up components).

2) PCB board size (the larger the PCB board, the larger the X/Y movement range of the placement head, and the longer the working time).

3) Component throwing rate (if the component image parameters are not set properly, equipment throwing and invalid X/Y actions will occur during the image recognition process of absorbing components).

4) The device sets the moving speed parameter value X/Y/Z/R.

Mounting efficiency

The placement rate refers to the number of points that the placement machine mounts components in one hour, and the working unit is chip/h as a boundary value. Or how many PCB boards are mounted in one hour, and the working unit is PCS/h as a boundary value.

Factors affecting the placement cycle:

(1) Parameter setting of track transmission PCB entry and exit time.

(2) PCB board size and layout of components on the board.

(3) The refueling time of the midway shutdown.

(4) Equipment repair and maintenance time.

(5) Unpredictable downtime (such as power failure, voltage, air pressure, collision).

Summary of Factors that Affect SMT production speed

Generally speaking, in the actual production process, the processing efficiency of SMT placement is lower than the theoretical placement speed of the equipment, usually between 75% and 85% of the theoretical value of the equipment leaving the factory. This is the combination of the company’s products before we buy the placement machine Important issues that should be considered when considering features and productivity. The above is the content related to the speed of the placement machine in SMT placement processing shared by SZTech-SMT for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. To learn more about SMT placement processing, please visit www.sztech-smt.com

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