What are the main types of PCBA functional tests?

Now more and more customers choose one-stop SMT patch processing. Usually, after we make PCBA for customers, we also test the customer’s PCBA board.

At present, functional tests are mainly divided into the following types

1. Manual test fixture

The manual test fixture uses bakelite and acrylic to make a needle board and leads out the input, output, and power supply of the board to be tested. It uses a manual to simulate the input and manually confirm the correctness of the output.

Features: price, high manpower usage, slow test efficiency, and there is no way to guarantee the quality of the test product

2. Single-chip microcomputer control function test

Make a clamping fixture or pneumatic fixture, and then lead out the probe. Connect the input, output, and power supply to the single-chip microcomputer circuit, let the single-chip microcomputer automatically run the test program to simulate the input, and measure the correctness of the output.

The single-chip microcomputer functional test fixture mainly has the following parts:

1. Test fixture, which leads out the input and output interfaces of the product.

2. MCU control board: the entire test process and the judgment of the test value. Input and output control. Display control

3. Signal source board: Provide various signal sources required for testing

4. Relay board: Switch various inputs and outputs

5. Measurement board: Measure the output part of the product to determine whether it is good or not

6. Display module: Display test results and test status, generally LCD and digital tube

Features: The price of single-chip function tests is moderate, the test efficiency is high, the test quality is good, and there is less human intervention. But the versatility is not strong, generally, only one model can be equipped with one fixture

3. Computer-controlled test system

Use pneumatic or automated testing mechanisms on the production line to test the quality of the product through computer control.

Features: Computer-controlled test fixtures are more expensive, the test speed is fast, no human intervention is required, and the test is fully automatic. Good versatility can be used for similar products.

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