What are the preparations before PCBA processing?

PCBA processing refers to the welding of electronic components on the surface of the PCB board through multiple processes to form PCBA, referred to as PCBA processing. If quality problems occur in a certain processing link and lead to production suspension, this will bring certain economic losses to the PCBA processing factory. If you want the processing process to proceed smoothly, it is particularly important to make corresponding preparations before PCBA processing.

1. The data is based on the PCBA processing files provided by the customer and needs to be converted by the BOM engineer into the company’s internal production files. The files need to be reviewed while converting the files. The review content includes the following:

① Check whether the physical PCB board meets the processing technology requirements; ② BOM conversion, optimize material description, model, dosage, part number, packaging, brand, etc.; ③ Convert Gerber files and print processing drawings; ④ Make relevant process requirements according to each process of PCBA processing; ⑤ Distinguish the BOM files between SMT and DIP; ⑥ Finally, the engineering clerk will issue the process documents to the relevant departments for recycling;

2. According to the order plan, confirm in advance whether the stencil, jig, and solder paste are ready. If new stencils and fixtures are required, they need to be completed 1 day in advance, and the solder paste needs to be thawed 4 hours in advance and stirred 5 minutes before going online;

3. Material inspection: According to the BOM list issued by the project, IQC checks whether the materials match the BOM file;

4. Component baking: If the PCB and components are not in the original packaging, they need to be baked at the specified temperature and time;

5. Material preparation: According to BOM requirements, SMT patching and DIP plug-in processes need to pick up materials in advance from the warehouse, SMT needs to load materials on the feeder in advance, and DIP materials need to be formed in advance;

6. Since the temperature of the equipment takes a long time to rise and fall, the wave soldering and reflow soldering temperatures need to be set in advance during the line change process.

The above 6 major points are the preparation work before PCBA processing, which are closely related to technology and efficiency. PCBA processing efficiency is one of the important economic sources for PCBA processing factories. If we fully prepare the preliminary work of PCBA processing, it will improve the overall processing efficiency.

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