What is the core machine of the SMT processing plant?

Core machine of the SMT

Abstract: In the SMT chip processing factory, there are many pieces of production equipment in the SMT workshop, so among the many devices, what equipment is the core equipment in SMT chip processing? Today, SZTech-SMT will explain to you what is the core equipment of the SMT patch processing plant.

The SMT placement machine is the core equipment of the SMT placement processing plant. The automatic placement machine is a high-speed, high-precision, fully automatic component placement equipment, and is the most critical and complex equipment in the entire SMT production. The placement machine is the leading equipment of the placement production line. The placement machine has developed from the low-speed placement machine in the industry to the current high-speed placement machine and is developing towards multi-function and flexibility.

The placement machine is a high-tech product in SMT placement processing, and its safe use and correct operation are very important to both the placement machine and the operator. The most basic thing for a safe and standardized operation of the placement machine is that the operator must have basic operating capabilities and strictly abide by the equipment operation instructions to operate. The operator should be trained before taking up the actual operation.

The appearance of the placement machine has greatly improved the production efficiency of the SMT chip processing factory. When there was no placement machine before, all components were placed manually, which is incomparable with the placement machine. Secondly, the placement machine has high accuracy when placing components. Unlike manual placement, there will be deviations. The placement machine is set in advance, and its placement accuracy reaches ±0.03mm. The placement machine is not only efficient but also The chip processing quality is high, which is why the chip mounter is so popular.

Only one operator is allowed to operate a machine during the operation of the placement machine. When operating, ensure that all parts of the body are outside the moving range of the machine.

Summary of The core machine of SMT

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